5RTI Radio Italiana 531 Adelaide

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Boss, honestly I sleep in the store. Boss, can I inconvenience you a bit? Boss, I’m sleeping in the shop for now. As that’s my situation for now. I stayed here well. I got kicked out of the house. Please save me. I’m sorry.- Is it because of your aunt? That’s also the reason. I ran out of places to go. Aren’t you going to ask more? What’s the use of asking? It’s not like it will get solved. I’m just doing what I can help solve it. Here, your pay for one week. I will give you your pay weekly. Why? If I give it to you monthly, you might not get it. Even if you do sleep here, go to the sauna and wash up and order out to eat. Thank you. If you’re that thankful after receiving what you should get, people will belittle you. Not for the money but I am thankful for your coolness. That money is cool, part-timer. Go and wash up. Grill one squid before you go. Are you going to drink? No, just the squid. I can’t even put my lips near alcohol. Because I get drunk if I drink too much.- What? Timing and Subtitles by The Immortal Team @Viki No! No! Cancel that! You must have been reading a book. I’m someone who is near a book and has deep taste in music and paintings. I’m sorry for disturbing your reading. I know. Why disturb me? You said you won’t be calling me. I didn’t. It was a mistake. While grilling the squid, the leg caught on fire and I blew it. Was it tasty? Why are you here? Haven’t you left yet? I was packing my things. I was packing my books. A lot of books. Well then, since I need to finish packing. Wait Games – You always talk to me when I’m about to go. It’s you who’s always leaving when I’m about to say something. I have something I’m curious about.- I’m not giving you $, oh baek . That startled me. I heard it as you won’t confess go beak . It’s because you always say things that are out of place. From where did it start to be my fault? From there. From where I should see something. That’s why, what should I see? In order to have effective value to you. Are you going to say you see it if I tell you? No. Even if I see it I’m going to say I don’t. If I see that, what if you start treating me better? What if you give me $,, buy me meat or ask me if I want anything? Then it would be very tiring for me. You’re not that good. It’s my first time hearing that. Really! Really! It’s my first time hearing that. Where are you looking at when an adult is talking to you? Don’t answer if you don’t want to. That Games don’t you see anything unique? Something that looks painful. Ah that Games You see? – I thought it was something great. Goodbye. I’m busy so I will get going. Hey, do you want to eat meat? Do you have something you want to have? $,.- You said you were busy. Hurry up and go. Then meat. This way. It’s the last meat. Do you see it? Yes. It looks really tasty. I ate well. I’m asking if you see it? You don’t see it, right? Are you getting mad at me right now? Did you hear it that way?- Yes. I’m sorry. I was going to ask about the fresh juice but the tone of my voice went up, right? Fresh fruit juice? What do want to drink? You can order an expensive one. I’m full though. This one, large size. Aren’t you full? Me too, the same one. I will help you with the bill. She’s asking about the bill. I won’t pay for it. What’s with you? I though you said you don’t like fruit. What’s with you? Is there anyone you will kill in here? I’m a regular here. Perhaps, is it me? The one that will die here today? Perhaps Games you lured me with beef and juice. I got caught with the two of you in it together? It’s a misunderstanding. Honestly, I am on the same side as you. You see the sword. You see the sword. You will take that sword. What are you doing? What do you mean? Why are you on the same side as me? What is she? Why isn’t she getting it? She’s someone who overcomes everything you expect. That means the files would be no joke. Then, spend a good time. I have prior appointments. He really must have came just to drink juice. That’s something new. But then, why did he say he was on the same side as me? It’s the matters with the gods. You don’t need to know. But then, isn’t that ahjussi uselessly handsome? One needs to be handsome for people to follow well, do they choose it that way? Are all grim reapers handsome? Is that handsome? Yes! That is handsome. Then what about me? Ahjussi Games you just look. Don’t drink this. You are full. Oh, that ahjussi is also handsome. The water must be nice here. I will be there soon. See you soon. I love you. Honey. I miss you so I will hurry and go there. What are you doing? Something anyone would do. Are you alright? Magic. Oh my. I’m sorry. I’ll untie it. Yes? Ahh! I’m so sorry. No. – It’s untangled. Are you alright? Yes. Today is a really strange day. As if I was caught in a magic. That’s why I’m asking, do you have a boyfriend? No. My family’s very strict. So they were strict. Do you have a girlfriend? I’ve been single since birth, because I was waiting for you. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss! Are you Cupid? That was that, right? Every years, or people are born with the same face from the previous life. For that, I know the man’s previous life. That woman was not to lose that man. Wow. What is the past life? Is that the man who saved a country that I have only heard about? He was worse than a landlord that extorted his tenant farmers. But why did you help? Are you also granting bad guy’s wishes? Where do you find that? You make nice people lose hope. I’m not their guardian god, but rather the guardian god of the man and woman those two just lost. I love you. I love you too. I miss you so I will hurry over. Don’t hurry, just slow down or else you’ll get hurt. Okay? Wow! The man was a liar and a coward. And the woman was ungrateful. Now, those two will be each other’s hell. Wow. That’s pretty cool. I make those magic-like moments for humans once in a while. But then, from earlier, why are you talking like in historical dramas? Just when I thought I figured you out. Of course. Is my life like this because I committed a huge sin in my past life? Is the punishment being born as the goblin’s bride? I don’t know what you were in your past life.

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