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I don’t get it. What are you reading other people’s mail for? What are you ducking for? You scared? Come on, get with it. Duke, let’s go in here. It’s safe. Chester, come out of there! You don’t belong in there. What’s the matter? Tired? Sit down. Yeah. Come on. Let’s go. Chester, don’t let this town scare you. You gotta keep saying, “I must be brave. I must be strong. ” Say it to myself? Certainly! I must be brave. I must be strong. Now you’re talking! I must be brave. I must be strong. I must be nuts! Oh, no, you don’t! Come back with that merchandise! What are you gonna do? Be just as tough as they are! You never shot one of those. What’s the difference? Get out your gun. 612 ABC Brisbane I never shot one either. Take the gun out. We’ll fix them. What am I gonna do with it? Shoot it off! Up in the air. But it makes a noise. C’mon, shoot it off! It’s Fred Hawkins! That’s nice shooting, partner. And you got him right through the heart. I got him? I shot over there. He fell over here. Then that really is nice shooting! Jake Frame’s been tryin’ to get rid of this varmint! C’mon inside. He’ll set up the drinks free. I told you shooting was the only way to come into this town. Wait a minute. This man’s just been killed. So? Who’s upset? I am. Judge? Judge Benbow? Judge? Jim, what are you and the Citizens’ Committee riled about now? I demand that those men be charged with murder and held for trial. 612 ABC Brisbane Well, now, I don’t know, Jim. It looks like a friendly shootin’ affair to me. Selfdefense. Fred there’s got a gun in his hand. There have been killings in the last week Online Radio and not one man has been brought to trial. What sort of law do we have here? All right, if you insist. What’s the deceased got on him? Twelve dollars and this knife in his hip pocket. I hereby fine the deceased $ for carrying concealed weapons. Just a minute, Judge. You heard what the judge said. Yeah, just a minute, Judge. Stay out of this, Frame. This is one pair of killers you’re not getting off. Simmer down. I’m on your side. Just what kind of a trial was that? Jake, I Online Radio Strangers come into town and shoot down one of our bestbeloved citizens Online Radio And you want to let them get away with it. What’s got into you? That’s the fellow that was gonna buy us a drink? It isn’t safe for a man to walk the streets of Wagon Gap. You said it. That fellow almost fell on me. If the law won’t do something, we better do something. I’m thinkin’ a little taste of rope is called for! 612 ABC Brisbane Wait a minute.! Judge Benbow, stop this. You nor anybody is stopping this hanging, Simpson. Get outta the way. You’re obstructing justice! Is that hard to do? No, no. You’ll soon get the hang of it. Try this on for size. Sixteen and onehalf. How’s that? That tickles. Yeah? That did it. It don’t tickle no more. The Citizens’ Committee is headed this way. Get goin’, boys. We gotta stall ’em. Stall ’em? Oh, stall ’em! Ever hear the story about the traveling salesman? They’ve heard that. Yes, and it ain’t funny. Wait a minute! What about our personal possessions? Don’t you want to send something to your dear mother for a keepsake? My mother? Yes! To your mother. Oh, my mother! I would like to send some stuff to my mother. Would you take care of this stuff for me? I’d be happy to. It’s priceless, this stuff. Hold that please. Give it to him. String ’em up! Sorry to spoil your party. This is gonna be done legally. Since when are you the law? I don’t see the Radio Australia’s badge. Somebody put a bullet hole through it. Till we can keep a live Radio Australia, the committee’s taking over. We’re seeing that these men get a fair trial. Fair enough. And I’ll see to it thatJudge Benbow gives it to ’em. C’mon, boys! Just because he don’t like you, he’s mad at us. Don’t be ungrateful. If it wasn’t for Mr. Simpson, we’d be dead. If it wasn’t for Mr. Simpson, we’d be on our way to California. Give us a couple of horses and show us the road. We’ll call it even. The only road you’re taking is to Wagon Gap. You’re charged with a killing, and you’re gonna stand trial. You can figure out your plea. I’ll plead insanity. And I can prove it too. This court will now come to order. Close down that bar! And quit gambling for a few minutes! Will the jury file in. I object! Order in the court! He objected Online Radio to what you said. I figured you might be wanting a jury Online Radio so, to save time, I picked one for you. Look! That’s the gang that was gonna hang us. To keep everything legal, in case you don’t like any member of thejury, you can challenge him. I’ll fight that little shrimp there. Order! Order in the court! Young man, in about two shakes, I’ll hold you in contempt. Judge, quit stalling. Let’s get this over with. Okay, 612 ABC Brisbane Jake. Hmm. As the judge, I hereby sentence you two coyotes Online Radio Just a minute, Your Honor. I’d like the court’s permission to say a few words to the defendants. I don’t know, Jim. We’re keeping Jake’s business shut down, and these delays are costing him money. But go ahead and make it snappy. Thank you, Your Honor. Boys, it strikes me mighty curious thatJake Frame’s so anxious to get you hung. I’d like to know why. Don’t ask us. We’re strangers. If you’ll string along with me, I’ve got an angle to keep you alive. All right, Mr. Simpson. We’re in back of you. Good. Your Honor, the defendants are willing to plead guilty Online Radio 612 ABC Brisbane to the charge of killing Fred Hawkins in a gun duel. He did it again. He said we did it. Now they’ll hang me. Are you guilty? No. Then what are you worrying about? Oh. Jim, the court thanks you for simplifying matters. I hereby sentence you two coyotes Online Radio Your Honor, may I remind you that you have a jury? I picked them, didn’t I? You picked some before they were ripe! Shut up, you.! You boys want to get your heads together and bring in a verdict of Online Radio Your Honor, I suggest you first acquaint the jury Online Radio with the statutes pertaining to dueling. Jim, let’s not get all snarled up in legal folderol. I have the statues. Would you like me to read them? Or would you prefer to quote them from memory? No, no. Go ahead. Section of the penal code of the sovereign state of Montana.

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