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and it fried my computer. It’s like it’s got acid for blood. Aliens. Mmm-hmm. CHUCKLES Go. AMIR: I’ve never seen a device locked this tight. Someone encrypted this to a level we can’t crack. Hackers. Like, freelance hackers. Which would make a hacker a fracker. Do you ever listen to the that fly out your mouth? No. This is next-level hacking. The only way we got lucky is because our guy has an ego and he left his tag. Who would do that? This guy, out of Miami. He look like a low budget-ass Jackie Chan. CHUCKLING That was a good one. I know. And get this, his handle’s Bone Machine. All right, let me talk to Brooks. You want me to come with you game JAMES: No. So Troy’s trying to become the new kingpin of Atlanta, and what do you do? Lose a hundred grand of the city’s money, wind up completely destroying a parking structure, you get your partner shot? Nice. Well, in his defense, Mayfield wasn’t his true partner. The grown-ups are speaking, Ben. You need to get me something on this guy. I’ve got three, maybe four days before I have to let him go. Look, I found a guy in Miami that encrypted Troy’s flash drive. I think he can lead me to Troy’s supplier. I need to go down there and scoop this dude up. Two days, tops. Milk run. Good. So get a team together and fix this. CLEARS THROAT What was that? Something went in there. Did it get you too, or no? CONTINUES CLEARING THROAT Pollen or something. I don’t know what it is. I’m free, though. So if you guys wanna put that team together game BROOKS: But you’re not a detective, Ben. You’re barely even a probationary officer. And after this mess, you’re about an inch from being fired. Okay, listen. Sir, you can’t teach what I have. I’m like a cat. Hmm? I’m like half cop, half puma, but I’m all detective. Like, I’ll get in your ass. HISSING You know what? The Psych department wants me to take less responsibility. So, James, Mr. Barber here is still technically in his work placement, so if you wanna take him to Miami, you can. But if he screws up, in any way, it’s on you. WHISPERS Come on. No. Everybody’s busy. I’ll fly solo. All right. What was that, man? You’re supposed to have my back back there, James. We family. Family’s not supposed to be letting go down like that. Stop. Stop. It’s not about family. It’s not about friends. It’s not about feelings. It’s about you not knowing how serious this work is. I know how serious this work is. That’s why I know I need to be on the team. No, you don’t. You’re just a rookie. You got lucky on your first little police case, man. That was the worst thing to ever happen to you. Turned you into a monster. Now, you think you’re ready, but you’re not. James, lam ready, man! That’s why you need to take me with you, so I can prove it to you, Lieutenant, and everybody else. Whoa! You don’t gotta prove nothing to me. You almost got us killed. Don’t let one incident define me. You’re really trying to say that with a straight face? Do you wanna be responsible for ruining my career? I don’t care! And you shouldn’t either. You’re getting married in a week. You should stay here and help Angela with the wedding. James, you said it’s a milk run. Two days, tops. Those are your words. I can’t go back to marry Angela as no scrub. You told me to prove myself, that’s what I’m trying to do! Let me do it! Nope. You don’t listen. James, what I’m game Listen! UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING It’s bull, James. Not taking me to Miami. That’s ridiculous, man. I am ready to be a detective. I’m % ready to be a detective. ASSFACE: ON SPEAKER What’s up, Black Hammer? BEN: Move, Assface. I’m not in the mood right now. Y’all done made me mad. I’mma show Lieutenant Brooks. Show all y’all. People, get out of my way! Right now, I’m getting in my zone. I don’t care. You wanna chase me? I’mma show you what happens when you chase me. That’s what happen when you make Ben mad. Spin out. Oh! And take it out. Ye , I see a car I want. Get out the car, Grandma. You need some help? Get your Ben-using ass out the car! Get your old ass on that ground. This ain’t a game to me. I just want the car. I don’t want you. GRUNTING Where’d she get the bat from? Grandma! Hey, hey game GRUNTING BEN: On. on! Oh! Oh! Oh, Grandma playing dirty. We turning it up now. What she doing? She just pulled a gun out her ass! Grandma, it ain’t even got to go here. Oh! I just got shot by a grandma! AUTOMATED VOICE: Game over. com CHUCKLES ANGELA: That is why I hired you, Cori. You’re the best. CORI: I know. CORI: We have tables over here. If we put flower arrangements at about half, and then we can do a vase with crystal around it. Cori? ANGELA: GASPS I love it. Ben. I didn’t know we were having a meeting today. I didn’t get that memo. We just thought we could do some last-minute wedding details, that’s all. Oh. Without me? Huh. If that’s the case, then I’ll just game CLICKS TONGUE Listen from afar. Thank you, Ben. BEN: Yep. I am so excited to tell you, my associate has the best hydrangea connection in all of Atlanta. BEN: No. Now, for the final seating chart, I’ve decided to move everyone to Table Five, because I don’t want anything overshadowing your wedding. Perfect. Table Five, that’s the perfect table. No, we can’t sit them right there. We can’t do that? Why? We can’t put my uncle and Carol at the same table. They used to be on that stuff together. You want all these people Electric Sliding all night? That’s what’ll happen. Fine. I’ll move him. Angela, no! You’re not moving anyone. Ben. You’ve had your opportunities. And you’ve ignored them all, Cori. Let me ask you a question. Have you looked at my Dreamboard that I posted online? Looked at my color wheel? My glam shots? Why am I doing this? Why am I going back and forth with you? This is my wedding! Okay. And I got a vision for my wedding. A magnificent vision that will not be ignored by you. She’s not ignoring. No. Baby, she is ignoring it. She hasn’t addressed it. Excuse me? Cori. Who are you walking up on, all swelling up? Do you know the level of who you’re dealing with? I’m a First Ballot Hall of Famer. SCOFFS I crap out high-end clients.

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