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“If any person slays or permanently disables another person in a duel, “the slayer must provide for the maintenance Online Radio of the wife of the slain and for the minor children. ” And Section Online Radio “Said slayer must pay all debts of the person slain. ” What does he mean? Yes. Oh. In simpler language, the law makes these men responsible Online Radio 6PR for all the obligations of the deceased Online Radio both to his family and his creditors. Hawkins owed me $, Your Honor. Considering what Hawkins owed me, I’d say that’s a right good law. As a matter of fact, Jake, I think so myself. Especially the part about them maintaining the widow. Well, this is it. I don’t see any corn growing. The widow don’t grow corn. Then what’s that scarecrow doing in the yard? Who you calling a scarecrow? You scatterbrained numskull! Ah, the Widow Hawkins! Howdy, Online Radio. These are them. The culprits, 6PR huh? Online Radio, I’m awful sorry. Oh, think nothin’ of it! I ain’t hypocrite enough to shed tears for Hawkins. He wasn’t any good. All he ever did was drink and gamble. Hawkins, come here! All he ever did was drink and gamble. Come on, Duke! Nice dog. Go on, Wolf. You have the situation well under control, ma’am. Guess we can get back to town. Just a minute, Judge. As long as our main obligation is to take care of Online Radio and the kids, why can’t we make some kind of a financial arrangement? Such as? We’ll give her some cash now and send a little every month from California. 6PR How much you got? Well, let me see. Hmm, I have $. Precisely the amount the deceased owed me. Poker the other night. Duke, think of something else. I have. Judge, there was only one bullet found in the body of the deceased. You can’t hold both of us. It’s not legal. Don’t get technical. You got a point, Eagan. Yes, and he’s pointing it at me. Quiet. Ma’am, we have to keep this thing legal. We’ve got to let one go. Which one do you prefer? Well Online Radio ain’t much to pick from, is there? The little one looks good, but maybe the big one would be a better worker. Ahem. Judge, you have no objections if we gamble for this? There’s no law against gambling providing it’s honest. I’ll play it as honest as you would. Go ahead. Take a card. Any one? Any card. I won’t even look. Don’t look at it! You didn’t give me a chance. Don’t try to cheat. Play it on the up and up. What card were you thinking of? What card? What card were you thinking of? C’mon, get it over with. 6PR I was thinking of the nine of clubs. Oh, no. It was the eight of spades. That’s the card you were thinking of? That was the card. How do you know it was the eight of spades? Just a minute! What does that look like? The eight of spades. That ain’t fair. Just a minute, please. You, you, you! I’ll leave it to the judge. Judge? That’s the way I’d have done it. That’s what I thought. Goodbye, ol’ pal. I’m going to miss you. On my way to California, I’m going to be alone and desolate, left with nothing but fond memories of our long friendship. Goodbye, Chester, old boy. Goodbye, Duke. Ma’am, take good care of him. I feel terrible bein’ the cause of you two good friends partin’. It’ll be hard for me for a while, but I’ll get over it. Judge, my money. What money? You found me innocent. Therefore I don’t have to pay Hawkins’s debts. That’s right. Son, it sort of cracks my heart to separate you two fellows. So I’m gonna do you a kindness. I hereby appoint you custodian of the guardian. And as such, you will see Online Radio that he carries out the terms of his sentence. What’s that for? Legal fees. But Online Radio that’s not Online Radio That’s not legal. Just as legal as that card trick of yours. Ma’am, they’re both yours. I’ll get back to town. Good afternoon, gents. All right, men. Let’s go. Are you satisfied? Now we’re both stuck on this brokendown ranch with nothing to do but work. Hey, it could be pretty nice work too. Juanita? Come here.! This is Juanita, my eldest. How do you do? 6PR I’m Duke Eagan. This is my pal, Chester Wooley. This one’s your new guardian. And this is a critter that needs guarding. She’s got some frisky notions I’m expecting you to halter. I don’t think you’ll be mean to me, Mr. Wooley, or can I call you Daddy? Oh, hoho. What’s the matter with you? I’m a guardian to the guardian, but you can call me Online Radio Call him Duke. Juanita, get in the house and rustle up something for supper. You fellows go to the pump and wash up. Go with ’em, Wolf. I hope this soup’s just right. If I’m any judge of character, the way to Mr. Wooley’s heart is through his stomach. You don’t have to cotton to him, Ma. He’s a prisoner of war. When a woman gets to be my age, the only way she can be sure of a man is to marry him. I’ve got the young’uns to think of. Suppose Mr. Wooley isn’t the marrying kind? Oh, every man’s the marrying kind! All you got to know is how to go about gettin’ him. More flies are caught with honey than vinegar. So beginning now, I’m a woman of honeyed words. Everything I say to Mr. Wooley will be sweet as nectar. My muted voice will be tuned to the strings of his heart. My touch will be feathery light as I stroke those strings Online Radio to bring forth a dulcet melody of love. What ifhoney doesn’t work on Mr. Wooley? Then I’ll hogtie him! Come and get it! Come and get it! Matt, get outta there! Beginning tonight, Mr. Wooley sits at the head of the table. Ma? Git before I take a ladle to you. Take your rightful place, Mr. Wooley. Online Radio, you sit on Mr. Wooley’s left hand Online Radio and, Matt, you sit on his right hand. What do I eat with? My feet? Oh, sit down. Haha. Fooled ya! Ha! Ha, ha. Ha! Sit down. What’s the matter with you? Okay. Mr. Wooley, help yourself to some bread, fresh baked, especially for you. Duke, can I have a piece of bread? Help yourself. There’s none there. Have a piece of mine. Hog, don’t eat so fast! 6PR Mr. Wooley, have a piece of my bread. Thank you. You’re such a good child. Soup’s one of my best dishes. Try it, Mr. Wooley. Please excuse yourself. I didn’t do nothing. See that it don’t happen again. Go on, eat your soup. Go on, eat your soup! Yes, sir. I told you not to let that happen again. 6PR

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