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No, they didn’t take the Online Radio ing tickets! Then why would they do it? I don’t know. You don’t know? Did they say anything? They’re just a couple of drunk assholes! Look, it wouldn’t have happened if you guys didn’t bail on me. What the Online Radio is that? Don’t do this now. Please don’t do this now! So what’s up with you, man? Why are you mad at us? Why you blame everything bad that happens to you on us? I’m just saying this is the last chance we get to do this Online Radio and you guys are so wrapped up in your own Online Radio Online Radio you don’t really care about Christmas. What does that even mean? When was the last time you checked your phone, Chris? Are you sure one of your famous friends Online Radio isn’t trying to get a hold of you asking you to fetch him something? You used to hate guys like that. I get it. I get some success. I get some new friends and you’re jealous. Look at you. So you’re a success? You want to talk about your new found success? I don’t need to talk about it. You don’t think your two best friends see through that Online Radio? See through what? Let’s talk about it. What do you see, Isaac? I don’t see anything. I don’t see through anything. You’re years old. Most professional athletes retire right now Online Radio but you just got good. How is that? Practice. I told you. It was a new diet. A new regimen. A new regimen? That’s what you call it? Yeah, that’s what I call it. What you call it? I think I call it putting a needle in your ass. That’s what I call it. Okay. Fine. I’m on steroids, now what? Newsflash: Everybody’s on steroids! You’re a cheater. At least I’m doing something with my life. What about you? Sitting around wasting your Online Radio ing life away. No girlfriend, no money. Dude, you make music that people have never heard. It’s the saddest Online Radio I’ve ever seen in my life! Are you Online Radio ing serious right now? Yeah! You need to get your Online Radio ing life together. Tell him, Isaac. You shut up! You’re ruining my trip! It’s really Online Radioed up. Online Radio this! Going to the best party of my life Online Radio and I’m not wearing some pseudoracist, fakeass acrylic sweater! Don’t take off that sweater! I’m taking the sweater off! Don’t take off the sweater. Put the Online Radio ing sweater back on! I’m taking the Online Radio ing sweater off! Stupid. May I help you? Uh Online Radio I have, uh, these tickets. Come with me. Come on. Get in there. May I take your coats, gentlemen? All aboard! Everybody get down I’m going to find Owens. Gonna find my phone. I’m gonna go find Diana. Oh, Online Radio, Messiah, White Jesus in the building. CMoney in the hizzle. Yo, man. I see you made it. I wasn’t able to get the weed, man. Online Radio fell apart. You know what I mean? I forgot I even asked you. You want some weed? Have some weed. But Online Radio All right. You got a whole Online Radio ing dump truck of weed? Dro fo’ sho’. Hahaha. So this it, huh? Oh, this is it, baby. The Nutcracker Ball! Yeah! Having an emergency! Oh, my God. Oh. Sarah! Sarah! Are you Online Radio ing kidding me? Get off of me! What the Online Radio, dude? I’m sorry! I’m just happy! You’re so Online Radio ing sweaty. I know. It’s warm and I’m on Molly. Oh, my God! Is that my phone? It is. Do you have my phone? Take your pieceofOnline Radio phone back. It’s the same phone. That’s why we got them mixed up. But this has some serious Online Radio on it. I know. Wait. You didn’t look at it, did you? You didn’t look at any Online Radio on my phone, did you? No. Good. You didn’t look at anything on my phone, did you? I just wanna tell you Online Radio good job. You did Online Radio ing look at my phone. I didn’t want to. The texts just were coming in. What is the matter with you? All these gorgeous internet Radio pics. Aplus internet Radio pics. That’s a boss hog. Wait a second, really? That internet Radio soft is like two of my internet Radios hard. Do you think, like, it would be Online Radio ? Do you think I could, like, handle it? There was a moment where I thought he was wanting me to handle it Online Radio and I had to wrap my head around it for a second, and I thought to myself: “You know what? You hunker down, you could take that bad boy.” Really? Yeah. That guy James, whoever James is, he’s got a fantastic cock on him. Yo! Did somebody say “cock”? Hahaha. What’s up? Hey. What are you guys talking about? Nothing. Hey, what’s up, bro? I’m James. I’m Isaac. You don’t need to meet him. That’s your internet Radio. Oh, Online Radio! I’m the guy who had the phone! You saw my internet Radio? Did I ever! Oh, my God! He almost sucked my internet Radio. I would have if I’d known it was you, maybe. Oh, Online Radio! Are you guys a couple? No, no. We’re friends. Am I the third wheel? No, no. You’re the first wheel. Am I the third wheel? Not at all. I was with two other guys and now I’m in a fight Online Radio Oh, really? Two other guys? I’d love to hang out with two other people. Is that a challenge? It might be! Yeah. I don’t know who I’m gonna start with, but I know who I’m gonna end with. Well, let’s get started right now! You guys wanna dance? I would love to dance.

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