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Yeah? What happened? It’s a long story. Not that long. She wanted to get serious, but he wouldn’t meet her parents. She wanted to move in Online Radio and you said you weren’t in the right head place for her to move in. That’s some straightup bullOnline Radio. Give me some, Ma. Okay, okay, okay. What, are you guys ganging up on me now? You like this woman? Yeah, she’s awesome Online Radio but there’s a whole history here that he’s brushing over. You want her back? Yeah. I do. If you want this woman, you’re gonna have to work for her. But you happen to be very lucky, because it’s Christmas. And there’s magic in the air at Christmas. People’s hearts are open. People want to forgive. People want love. I’d take advantage of that Online Radio. Find the opportunity, and seize it. Thank you, Mrs. Roberts. I almost forgot, I’m gonna need some more headshots. Huh. A internet Radio from someone named James? His name is on my phone, I must know him. Who is he? Do I like it? What does that mean? Oh, man. Maybe it’s James McFoley from work. Holy Online Radio. This guy’s a grower and a shower. Do I like it more now? Jesus. I mean, it’s a dope internet Radio. Do I want it? Who wouldn’t want a internet Radio that looks like that? Do I wanna suck it? Oh, man. Uh Online Radio I’m gonna start putting people’s last names on my contacts. No, I’ve never sucked a internet Radio but, well, if I’m being totally honest with myself Online Radio Damn it, why’d I tell him that? This James guy is just so easy to talk to. I told him too much. Man, I guess that settles it. Isaac Greenberg is sucking his first internet Radio tonight. Did he tell you that they’ve named a park after him? You’re gonna have a park named after you? I petitioned the city, I got the signatures Online Radio and now there’s gonna be the sweetest little playground in Brooklyn Online Radio that’s named after him. The park is not that nice! There are crackheads and Online Radio Sweetheart, they’re gonna clean that up. We should get ready to go, guys. We have to move. We’re gonna miss the party. That’s true. Why don’t I just wrap all of this up. You guys can take it down to the homeless shelter. It’s only a few blocks away. I’m sure they’d appreciate it. You’re right, Mom. You boys are so sweet. Thank you for coming. Wanna help me in the kitchen? Okay. Thanks so much for dinner, Mrs. Roberts. You’re welcome, sweetheart! Dude, what the Online Radio is going on with you? Are you gay? No. Are you curious? Everyone is! What does that have to do with this? I don’t know. Why are you looking up internet Radios? Someone’s sending me internet Radios. Someone’s sending you that? Look, I’ll show you. It’s a Online Radioing conversation. It’s some guy named James. A very nice, eloquent man named James is sending me his penis. And he wants me to suck on it. I don’t know what to do. I’m Online Radioing freaking out. Do I do it? Should I do it? This isn’t your phone, man. Dude, this isn’t your phone. Oh, Online Radio. Is this Sarah’s phone? Oh, no. What? She has my phone. It’s okay, man. We know her. We can get your phone back. There’s something bad on my phone. You gonna be around tomorrow? Folks out at the church would love to see you. Aunt would too. Um, you know I’m busy, so Online Radio I don’t really like to do that stuff, Ma. Won’t take much time, Boo. I know. It’s just I have an early flight Online Radio and I really feel bad that I have to run back to work so fast. I just got so much stuff going on. I’m a celebrity now. I got appearances. I got all kinds of stuff I have to do, Ma. I can’t just be lollygagging around Online Radio and meeting old people. I love you. Betsy is gonna get that tape from Sarah Online Radio and she’s gonna freak the Online Radio out. Why? Why would Betsy get the tape? Because I put cocaine blood into her Online Radioing drink. And no one wants to drink cocaine blood. Yeah. I’m gonna call her. How do you know her number? It’s your number. I’m trusting you on this. I don’t understand what’s happening. Where are we? Sarah has your phone. So I’m calling it. Where are we right now? We’re at Chris’ house. What the Online Radio? You just stay calm, all right? It’ll be okay. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. You like that? Okay. Here’s the bad news. She didn’t pick up. What?! Everything’s fine. I bit my tongue. That boy need Jesus. He needs something. It’s gonna be okay, though. You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna use Find My iPhone and find the phone. It’s loading. There it is! It’s in midtown. Your phone’s in midtown. It’s all good. Haha! Okay. All right. So here’s the thing. We’re gonna go to the party, because Sarah’s gonna go to the party. Guys, let’s go. You be safe. Guys, be careful. Let’s go, guys! Let me get you a bag. You’re gonna need a bag. Wait up! This guy’s internet Radio is off the charts. Yo, it’s your man CRob coming at you live from outside the homeless shelter. We delivering turkeys to homeless people Online Radio because it’s the giving season and they do be gobbling, you know what I mean? If you’re in the season of giving, hit me up @Chrisrob, hashtag “selfless giving.” And remember, it’s not a good deed if no one knows about it.

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