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will be a secular country where all will be welcome. And I assure you that we will include our neighbors with kindness. We must build the free India’s noble mansion. But the freedom is only possible because millions have suffered and sacrificed themselves. We promise you to create a free India where all can thrive. Should not we wake him? He’s fine. He is sleeping. He said there was nothing to celebrate. BORDER LINE PUBLISHED A million people have become refugees. They flee from cruelty and murder that has never been surpassed even in India’s stormy history. Additional two million preparing for their trip. Many will never reach their new country. The refugee problem is enormous. There are reports of smallpox and cholera. Be patient. There is enough food for everyone. Of the road. Give them to the kids. Make sure children get them. Do I see? Make sure the supplies get through. Pardon. Nehruji! Get my family back. I want my family back. Forgive me. Far. It does not. You must not fail in public. Can we help over here? My daughter is very sick. She is very weak. Jeet, find stretcher. Your name? Pardon. My daughter is very sick. Your name? Bibi Jind Kaur Bedi, machine rubbed , District Jhelum. And your daughter? I had a daughter like her. A gang took her. I found the girl on the railway tracks. Her father pushed her off the train before all were killed. Muslims must to another camp. No, she’s my daughter. They must follow the rules. We all suffer in the same way. Be a party. I can not allow. She’s my daughter. Jeet. Pardon. My daughter is very sick. Jeet. Jeet Kumar. Jeet. Jeet. Stands! Jeet. Aalia? Narinder Singh. Aalia Noor? About the queue. We are doing everything we can. It is on the way. Is there more water on the way? There are tanks with water on the way. Families should stay together. Aalia! Aalia! Jeet! Her father bought it for her, where do you think? Her father’s Harry Ingersol! You’ve heard of Harry Ingersol, haven’t you? Oh yeah Radio Well sure, I mean, he owns half the town. But that’s a common name around here. I didn’t know he was her father. Yeah, well now you know. Now she owns Kevin, too. I’m sorry, Kim. Sorry for what? He’s a flake and she’s a bitch. They deserve each other. Well, come on, we’d better get to history. And so we’ve traced English history from the Norman conquest to the Industrial Revolution, whose birthplace was in England. Now it wasn’t just chance that the Industrial Revolution began in England, it was the indirect result of a set of British laws enacted almost Can anyone tell us what those laws were? Kim, can you tell us? What was the question? What set of British laws led indirectly to the Industrial Revolution? I haven’t the foggiest idea. (laughing) It is something we have covered many times in this class. I still haven’t the foggiest idea. (laughing) Valerie, can you tell us? Yes, the Industrial Revolution was the result of the British navigation laws under the reign of Elizabeth I of England. The navigation laws were enacted, which stated that only British ships can enter British ports. The result was- (bell ringing) Can I see you for a moment, Kim? Okay. I want to talk to you about this class. I’m flunking out, so? Don’t you care? Don’t you realize that if you flunk this class you don’t graduate? Can I go now, Mr. Donaldson? If I don’t get to my next class, all I’m going to get is another lecture. Hello, Kim, what’s happening? Not much, what are you doing? I’m just trying to finish this chapter before the bell rings. You’re awfully cold. You know, I thought we had a thing going. We had a no thing. I just put up with you for a while, that’s all. Is that right? Well, two years is a long while. Aw, come on, you gotta be kidding if what you thought we had was permanent. Of course, you are dumb, aren’t you? I heard about your grades. You probably won’t even graduate. I don’t deserve that, Kevin. Hey listen, about that dance Saturday night- Are we still going? Well I don’t know about you, but Annette and I are going. In style. Check you later. Look, Kim, I want to know for sure whether you’re going to the dance.

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