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Am I barking or something? Oh! Yeah, no, um… Yeah, the thing is with that, he, um… kind of ran off. He ran off? Is he lost? Is he okay? No, he’s not like… Not like that. He’s dysfunctional, all right. Anyway, I was kind of hoping that maybe you have, like, an extra dog that I could borrow or… Oh, uh, I misunderstood. So you actually came here… You wanna borrow a dog? That’d be great. Yeah, that’d be great. Did you want that fluffed or folded? ‘Cause I have both in the back. Right. Look, it would just be for a couple of days. Maybe you could point me towards sort of, like, a rent-a-dog service? Look, Agent Nichols, I really just don’t think you’re cut out for working with animals, so there’s the door. Look, I’m really in a bind here. Good luck on your case. Thank you for your time. Good luck. Rent-a-dog? Nope. What’s happening, Luther? Hey, Max. Hey. So, hey. H-Hey, Max. Hey, hey. You find me the guy? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Like I said. First, I, uh… I’ll take that catnip you promised. chuckles Cell . He’s the real deal, Max. He told me hisself. But the dude is a wash-up. He’s useless. Hey, this ain’t catnip. toy squealing Nah, it’s better for you. Now, get out of here. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah. It’s showtime. Max howls whimpering Hey, buddy. whimpering continues Hey. Aw, look. That paw looks hurt pretty bad. We’ll take good care of you. Come on, buddy. whimpering All right, there you go, boy. Now, look, you just rest up, and we’ll get that paw looked at first thing in the morning, all right? And hopefully we’ll find you a new home. whimpering stops dog singing in French singing continues Yo. I’m looking for a famous show dog. You Philippe de Fabulous? French accent Who do I have the pleasure of smelling? Max. NYPD. I’m entering the Canini Invitational, and I need an expert like you to teach me the ropes. Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. Look into my eyes. Okay. Nope. You do not have what it takes. Sorry. What? Cut the attitude. I know all about you. Champion show dog at the top of your game until one day you… Got disqualified, because my breeder used plumpers and fillers on my growl lines.

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