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It’s not a recreational vehicle. So it is only for spases? You don’t say spases. You say, “special needs”, Do it Johny? Yeah. See ya fecking retard, Say it. Special needs. Specially’s, Annie. Give us a go. Does it float ? I, Don’t think it’s amphibious. Special needs, mine ass. Come on guys. Is mom up yet ? No. What’s there something up? Why did you think? Was it battery trouble? It got wet. Come here, I don’t bite. O, your getting big. You said you had Selkies in Scotland. All right. We invented Selkies. In the old happier days. You mean you made them up? No , There are a Scottish thing. There you go. She doesn’t speak like you. Who? Well we got secrets, Have we, Little girl? Well you could say thanks. Thanks. You’re welcome. Do you want to come again? Fishing? Only if you want. You promise, I see nobody but you? I, Promise you see nobody but me. Your swimming in mine dress? It was a gift from fisherman. Can, I help? You can tend the tillah. Right, Straight out to sea. Keep her steady would you. Fishery board.

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