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we will fight again. No, Angélica, you don’t know that. Because the past doesn’t prove the future. But to change it I don’t know if we understand it. I doubt that I love you, and I have no doubt that I love you. Shouldn’t true love be constant and eternal? Angélica, don’t go thinking. I’m being spontaneous. Don’t think, just feel. Don’t you feel now a great love for me? And don’t you feel this love is real and won’t end? Weren’t you already tired of me, and wasn’t I tired of you already and we have renewed forever this time. That’s what we always say: That it’s forever this time. I love you this time like I never did. I also seem to love you more. Seem? You say that it seems? I’m sure but I’m not sure of that certainty. The certainty of certainty And Ricardo and Vanda? They’ll come. They aren’t at home? They are. And Honório? He’s in a meeting at the bank. I was already leaving when Angélica asked me to stay. Ricardo said they would come, then we should wait. Do you think I’m like Firmino, your second husband? An idiot?! I wish you were like him! You think I could handle better, but you’re wrong. I make you walk on the line. You don’t play with me. Fool. Idiot. You whore. Do you think that frightens me? You want more? Go on, hit me! I’ll put Firmino’s pictures wherever I want. Put down the vase. Idiot. You want more? Mrs. Angélica and Mr. Mauricio are waiting. It’s time for the ceremony, and no Vanda and Ricardo. We’ll be late, it’s time to go. It never starts on time. It’s best to arrive early than late. Normally they’re not punctual. But today they must be. I want to honour this marriage with punctuality. It’s curious this concern of yours of honouring a marriage. What? It’s curious this concern of yours of honouring a marriage. It can be easily explained. I was invited. We were all invited. But not all for the same reasons. We had no reason not to be invited. Being a couple like us in such an uncertain social situation to receive an invitation like this, for a Catholic marriage For you it’s a social triumph. It’s as if we were given the category of a couple “honoris causa”. Sorry for the delay, but it’s not my fault. You’re the closest friends of the house, so you were invited. It will soon be known, but I want you to be the first. What happened? Something terrible? Vanda fell in love. Vanda in love? With whom? Firmino. Firmino who died? Yes, Firmino, who died. This is the absolute limit. When did she fall in love? I don’t know that, but yesterday she told me clearly. She said it clearly? Crystal clear. Vanda is extraordinary. Extraordinary? Insane is what she is. I wonder: Wouldn’t she have said it jokingly just to tease you? It was serious, very serious, what she said. It was more than just say, it was also what she did. What did she do? She had an attack of madness, assaulted herself. She martyred Firmino, so now she wants to martyr herself not only morally, but physically, for what she said and did. She’s certainly with the body full of bruises, she gave herself punches, threw herself against the furniture.

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