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Address :Level 3, 83 Moorabool Street, Geelong, VIC 3220
Telephone :(03) 5223 2955

Yes, something is terribly wrong. Well, what is it? Can I help? No, nobody can help. Wait a minute. Have you got your car? Yes. Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go. Where to? I don’t know. First Street, I guess. And keep your eye peeled for a hot rod containing a very pretty girl and the son of Horatio Kellgore. What is this all about? Well, there’s this little . You wouldn’t believe it. You wouldn’t believe it. Say, I know a cozy, little spot where we could . Just a soda, please. Just a soda. Yeah, I get the message. There they are. Where do you want to go? How about the Sip and Dip? Let’s see, the Sip and Dip. That’s north of here, isn’t it? No. It’s south. No, no. No, no, no! I’m sure the ice cream parlor is that way. Okay. Follow that car! Cynthia! Hi, Uncle Jonathan. What are you doing here? Cynthia, come home at once. What? Come home at once. Never mind. Stay right there. I’ll get you. It’s all right, darling. Come along with me. But Uncle Jonathan! No arguments. Well, we were only going over to the . Stop! Excuse me. Don’t do that. Why? Because it’s not polite to point. Huh? Come along, darling. You’d better let me have this, too. And after all that, he say “It’s not polite to point.” Uh, that’s all? That’s all. What a kook! Yeah, very interesting. Well, thank you, my boy. Run along to bed. Okay. Good night, Dad. Good night. Good morning, darling. Good morning. Poison. Slow death. Uncle Jonathan. Yes. All that stuff you said last night about the coin . What were you drinking at the dean’s party? Soda pop, of course. What are you implying? Well, it’s all a little hard to swallow, you know. That stuff about ancient magic and the pointing finger and . What was that word again? Never mind. Uncle Jonathan, have you been feeling all right? Of course I have. I’m in the pink of condition. Well, then, why do you have an appointment with the doctor this morning? Doctor? I have no appointment with a doctor. Yes, you do. At :. Miss Carruthers of the medical staff phoned to remind you when you were in the shower. She said the dean made the appointment. Really? That’s odd. Ah, it must be the annual physical checkup. Good idea, actually. Mens sana in corpore sano, you know. What? Sound mind in a sound body. :, you said? I’d better be on my way. Bye, darling. Bye. Uh, good morning. I’m Professor Jones. Oh, good morning, Professor. You can go right in. Dr. Kroner’s expecting you. Thank you. Good morning, Dr. Kroner. Pleasure to meet you. I’m Jones, ancient Eastern languages. Sit down, Professor. It’s a very sensib le thing, checkups. As I was saying to my niece only this morning, Mens sana in corpore sano. Quite. I think you’ll find me in top condition. Exercise, a sensible diet, don’t drink, don’t smoke. Professor Jones, I think perhaps . These are my own. Every single one Hearing, perfect. Vision, /. Blood pressure Sir! .seven. Yes? Please put your clothes back on and then make yourself comfortable on the couch. Put my clothes . Put them back . Oh! Very well, if you wish. I simply thought that I . Couch? Yes. Just lie down and relax.

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