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Thank you. Are you holding a letter here for me? William Masters. Masters? [ Buzzer ] Say, when would it have arrived? Yesterday? A few days ago? No, today. This morning’s mail. Oh. This morning. Let’s see Masters Masters All positions. This is the pickup. Man of medium build, about . A black and white check suit and no hat. I’ll be right behind him to identify him. Oh yes, here we are. William Masters. Thank you. You’re welcome. There he is. Know him? No. He’s headed your way, Melrose. “We have him.” This is Junction. Pick me up now in front of the hotel. Take care of Miss Haskell and Peggy, Larry. Alright. This is Harding to Sunset. Check this license number. California N for Nora. . ” No for Nora.” ” .” “Checking immediately.” We’re on Beverley Boulevard, due west now. We’re leaving him. Take over, Junction. Junction to Harding. We’re with him. “This is Sunset.” “License plates were issued to David Rogers.” “Police headquarters says he has a record.” “Petty larceny arrests.” “Their description fits this man.” A messenger boy. He could be heading for the ball park. That’s where he’s going. We’re staying close. “This is White.” “Inspector Mann will be at the television booth.” Are you in charge here? Yes. Can this be kinescoped? It can, but it’s just a local show. How many cameras have you? Well, we’ve got two down on the field and this one with a zoom lens. This is the one we want. Can it be kinescoped without going out to the public? Sure. But I don’t have authority to Who has? The station manager. Call him. This is a government emergency. Well, okay. There, that’s the man I want there, with the check suit. Going into the box behind rd base. See if you can get that man in the check suit going into the rd base box. Right there. You got him? Yes, sir. Get me the boss, quick. His car has been searched. He still has the letter on him. Federal Bureau of Investigation. Any seats available in this section? No, I’m not allowed to give out free box seats. Cops usually go round to the front office if they want free seats. Let’s go there. I want to get you the afternoon off. His uniform ought to fit you, Smitty. Go! Go! He made it. He made it! He made it, yes. Junction to all positions. Junction to all positions. He’s ready to leave. It isn’t on him. Then he passed it. He had to. That’s why they got rid of him. Maybe the movies we took Yeah. Smitty, you take over. Russ, we get a plane for Washington. How long does it take them to get the projection room ready? It’s almost four days since they took Tommy. Well it will still take them some time to break down the formula we sent them. I hope so. We all do. Wishful thinking is even part of our business. [ Door knocks ] Sorry about the delay, gentlemen. We’re about ready now. How many will look at the film? Every undercover party member we could reach on such short notice. Thirty or so. And Harold. No bright lights are to go on in the projection room at any time. It’s set up so the identities of our undercover agents will remain unknown. Even to each other. Is that you, Harold?

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