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to Empress Sisi, it turned heads, led to strife and death. Pope Alexander VI was fascinated by the jewel said to jinx its owners. They say that eternal stones have a memory. The Florentin has preserved an image, an imprint of every person who has come close. Among them, let me cite one who Games gave it a new chance by finding it again. My mother, Marie Neuville. What’s happening? Blanche! Is there a doctor in the house? Excuse me. Is there a doctor in the house? It started. Go ahead. I’m the auction organizer. I need the key he’s carrying. Are you family? No, a colleague. Call security. They’ll confirm that she must have the key. Take care of the guests. I’ll find out what’s going on. Thank you. You know what happened? Some guests fainted. I’ll go down and see. We’re back-up. We stay with the jewels until it calms down. Diamond to Command, confirmation? Let them through. They sent you? Fine. Ms. Neuville? Lt. Fauré, anti-crime. There is a theft underway. Please evacuate, without creating a panic. Ladies and gentlemen, proceed calmly to the exits. Police! Hands on your head! Turn around! Hands! Turn around! Move it, let’s go! Hands front! Out of the way. The extinguisher. Police! Hands up! On the floor! Face down! This man works with me. Simon, tell him. Tell him. Excuse me. Mr. Galley on the line, for you. Julia, I don’t have the key. I have it, relax. The diamond is safe. Where are you? The docks. On the docks. I’ll call the police. Find me a policeman, please. They’re gone. Every last policeman has left. Call the police. We did it! OK, we got to move. I can’t believe it. They say no one was sent here. Not a soul. Get cards and papers, anything that was in the cars. Your SIM card. Well’? Early this morning, police found a boat on the Scheldt. I! was the getaway yacht. Everyone on board was dead. The burglars all died in a shootout. Our latest report is an earring was found on one body and the necklace found in the annex. These valuable items tend to prove there were no survivors and the Florentin is lost in the river. Simon Carrera planned the job, with Frank Scylla, ex-military, whose blood was found. Carrera and Scylla. Take a good look. Should I put your picture with theirs? They found these on the boat. You gave him a complete security breakdown and that’s not important? Did I say it wasn’t important? Did I?! Calm down, Julia. He didn’t need it. He needed access to my room, my safe. Wasn’t hard to get into your room. Come on. Please. In jail, she’ll have more to deal with than sarcasm. We have witness statements. Plenty. One guy, for example. Michael Wurst. He gave us an affidavit, a sworn statement that he saw Neuville and Carrera at the Vintage Bar on April th. And in your suite at the Grand Hotel on May th, days prior to the exhibition. And he didn’t think it was on business. I know you slept with this guy. But what else was consensual between you? PARIS SUBURBS Don’t move. On your knees. On your knees! Is he with you? Answer me. Scylla. I want to know where he is. Scylla’s dead, are you crazy? He’s alive, and I’m supposed to be dead. That show, your return to Paris, was to con me? What? Scylla is Games Don’t with me! Tell me the plan. I don’t know. I know nothing. That’s the truth. We can’t hold you any longer. Read your statement, sign it before you leave. You can go to your hotel, but remain in Belgium. By way of preamble, let me inform Galley’s customers and co-workers that Julia Neuville has been dismissed, permanently. DARING THEFT AT GRAND HOTEL Tell me everything you know about Scylla. Before this job, when had you seen him last? years ago. He was in Djibouti. On a trip to Paris, he hired me as a driver. What was he doing in Djibouti? Military attache’, at the embassy. Or something. French ambassador Djibouti France in Djibouti Chronology of ambassadors I met Philippe de Méziéres. At the gala, with Julia’s father. He was ambassador to Djibouti. No coincidence? De Méziéres and corruption scandal Games Skeletons in the closet. Death of Mr. Guillah Games GUILLAH DEATH / AGOLEP AGOLEP EXEC MYSTERIOUS DEATH IN CAR LOCKED FROM INSIDE DEATH IN CAR Coroner concludes overdose of prescription meds. DE MEZIERES ESCAPES ATTACK FRANCE TARGETED vicious act of revenge Games TERROR Meet me outside De Méziéres is behind Scylla. They made it look like there was a shootout, then took off with the diamond. I know you. I’m Simon’s friend. Scylla tried to off him like the others, but he’s alive. Wait. Simon took a huge risk to come with proof of your innocence. Give it to the cops. You decide when you see it. That photo’s only part of the truth. You see the picture? You have fun? It was easy. I fell for it quicker than you hoped. What happened between us had nothing to do with it. You know what hurt the most? That you used my mother, even though she’s dead. You couldn’t even respect that much. You were an asshole. I’m like you, I Games You’re not like me! You never will be! Julia, I came to help you. These documents will set the record straight. Why should I look? This concerns you. Just listen to what I have to say. Then I’ll be gone forever. Why should I? What can you tell me? More lies? Can you even speak without lying? Three words, with no lies. Think you’re capable? You expect me to listen? You used me. I did, but that’s over. It’s behind us. Behind us? That’s it? No remorse. Just “behind us”? Why’d you come if you won’t listen? So I could look at you before I turn you in! Want to have me arrested? Look, I’m right here! That what you want? Yes, it is! Go ahead and call. Call, come on. What, are you afraid? How could I have been so blind? How could I have let you touch me? You humiliated me. Nothing you give me changes that. Do I have to put it under your nose? Listen: “Ambassador de Méziéres escaped an attack “more akin to a gangland shootout than a political action. “Any link to Mr. Guillah, who was found dead in his car Games ” Hear that? “Found dead in his car in suspicious circumstances, “doors locked from the inside?” “The autopsy found an overdose of prescription meds.” It can’t be. So they killed my mother? And you didn’t know a thing? You liar!

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