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APPLE DEFAULT RINGTONE PLAYING Ugh. Tasha, that’s a Apple chime. That’s a factory ringtone. That costs absolutely nothing. That’s the guy that you wanna take up for? Mr. “Generic Ringtone For My Lady”? I’m just asking. That is how you talk to a woman. I got AJ’s cell phone burner number just like that. And, here’s the thing game SHUSHING Okay. When did we start doing that? All right, Maya, what you got? My guy Alonso’s following a lead on the explosives. He said it’s definitely not from the States. We got a number on AJ. No, Ben got a number on AJ. His girl say he stole some money, but she didn’t know from who. Great. Let me know when you find him. WOMAN: Champagne? Here you go, baby. I’ll take that. What are you doing? Why is it so hard for you to say the word “we”? What is wrong with you? What’s wrong with you? Is that her number saved to your phone already? With a smiley face next to it? Let’s go. The smiley face with the tongue sticking out is what you’re doing now? You know why Tasha gave us the number that we needed, James? I got the human touch. That’s what I’m telling you. You just got to be open. Okay. And let me tell you something, James, that is much more important than being focused. Just stop for a second, listen to me. Here’s what we’re going to focus on from now on. I’m going to deal with all of the human parts. Male or female. Oh, you wanna deal with all the male human parts? That’s not what I said. That’s exactly what you said. Don’t twist my words. CELL PHONE RINGING Hello? Ben Barber speaking. How’d you get this number? It’s a little something called platinum-level detectiveness, AJ. Give me that phone. AJ, your girlfriend told us about the money you stole. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! I didn’t steal any money. Be open. You need to turn yourself in, man. We need to keep you safe. How do I know you weren’t in on trying to kill me? If I wanted to smoke you, you’d be dead already. What you need to understand is you got some major heat on you. The kind of heat that your skinny ass can%take. I hang up, AJ, you dead in hours. Look around, man. We’re the only friends you got. You know what? I’m sick of talking to your ass. Here. Wait, wait, wait! Wait, wait. Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello. What’s going on ? Ben Barber back on the phone. Okay, I’ll text you a time and location. Just you, or I bolt. What was that? It worked, didn’t it? POPE: This nerd steals my money, exposes my operation, and he’s still walking the streets? I put my best guys on him. Oh, you better. The livelihood of merchants across the globe depend on it. I get it. I don’t think you do. My pipeline is opening. We are exposed. Kill him. Yes, sir. And what about the payment? Did it get through, or did that get stolen, too? Receipt confirmed by the new commissioner. Oh, look at that. One thing done right. Things are looking up. Now, get out of here. I’m late. CELL PHONE CHIMES Here it is. All right, remember what I told you. Ye . One eye on him and one eye out. I can’t do it. You do it. Show me how to do it. Man, you not a lizard. Just scan. Well, then you have to say that. Get out. Okay. I’ll be listening. All right. BEN: I’m walking on the damn beach. Listen, AJ, I don’t have time to play games with you. Where are you? Whoa, whoa. Slow your roll, son. It’s not that easy. We gotta make sure we’re clear. Watch your tone. I didn’t come out here to be sassed by you. Okay, walk to the booth. What booth? Where? The other way. Turn around. This booth? Ye , that booth right there. Okay, I’m walking. Going to the booth. Now what? I’m here. Okay, I want you to pick up a can. I got it. Now, put it back down. AJ, what are we doing right now? I’m seeing if you’re being followed. Then say that. That makes sense. Say that. Just walk. All right, walking. Stop. Remove your shirt. BEN: Why am I removing my shirt? AJ: To make sure you’re not wired. See that? There’s no wire. Ooh! You are shredded. Abs of steel. Stop playing games. AJ: Okay, walk to the trash can. To the trash can? Going. All right. Now what? Now reach into the trash can and take out whatever’s on top. Is he digging in the trash? BEN: All right, I got it-. AJ: Okay, open the contents and tell me what it is. It’s just some half-eaten nachos with sauce and guacamole and hair all in it. Good. That’s perfect. Eat it. I’m sorry, what? Eat it. No! I’m not eating this! Do it or I walk. You better not eat that. LAUGHS That’s just nasty. AJ: LAUGHING That was sick. I can’t believe you actually did that. That was gross. BEN: AJ, get your ass out here right now. AJ, you got two seconds to get out here before you go to jail. We gotta get out of here. This is not the place for this. Then why would you ask me to meet you out here? I didn’t think it through. AJ! AJ! JAMES: Okay, AJ, somebody is trying to kill all of us. They blew up my car looking for you, so you need to come clean and tell us who it is. I already told you everything. TIRES SCREECHING Oh, we got company. Whoa! Get down! ! What are you doing? I’m about to start shooting! You ain’t never shot out of a moving car! You gonna drive or you gonna shoot, James? Pick one! ! PEOPLE SCREAMING Switch! I’m going over. Hurry! Wait! HORN BLARING You guys are gonna do that now? JAMES: Stop! Get your ass off of me! James, get off game I got it! I got it! Oh, my God! Why you got the damn seat so far back, James? TIRES SCREECHING Front! James! All right, don’t head straight at them! Not right now, James. I’m getting in my mode. What mode? What the hell are you doing? Ben! TIRES SCREECHING ! Get back! They’re coming back! I got it. Hold on! What the hell was that? What? Huh? That’s called driving! Where you learn how to drive, man? James, just get off my back and let me do me. Bust a U! Hold on! SCREAMING JAMES: Lose them! I’m driving, James. Right now, I don’t need that type of pressure. Let me out of here! Worried about what I’m doing? How about you shoot somebody? Lean back! Don’t shoot across my face like that! TIRES SCREECHING Are you signaling? I’m sorry! It’s a habit! GUNMAN: He’s making a right. This is too easy! hh! He told you not to

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