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Yeah, you can take it away. No no no, you can leave it. No, take it. I’d like to keep it. Thank you. You don’t really think he will turn up, do you? No, just leave it, son. That’s a nice one. Yeah it’s a good one. This one’s a local one. Mantosh? Yeah Online Radio Australia Sorry, I didn’t meet lunch. What’s that course again? Hotel Management. So you’re going when to do what? Manage a hotel! Well Online Radio Australia have fun! Any bills you need to pay? You can give us a job when you come back. Please could you not do anything while I’m away? Yeah Yeah Online Radio Australia that’s going to make mum more unhappy than you already do. Mate Online Radio Australia Why do you think I stay away? We see ourselves as United Nations of hospitality schools. And we’d like to think we teach a global and balanced perspective. You’re here because you have a dream. We’re here to help make that dream a reality. Yeah and I saw firsthand how the hospitality industry can really bring infrastructure to communities that need it. But I also saw a lot of problems that they cause, which is why community groups need to be, involved every step of the way, and they need to be taken seriously. And? I guess I want to help facilitate that and help give them a voice. Saroo. I want to run hotels, so I put all the profits into my pocket. Well, let me ask and start with where you are from? Shall we? So, born in Australia? Yeah No, er Online Radio Australia Calcutta. I’ve got family in Calcutta. My cousins are quite Online Radio Australia Which part? I’m adopted. I’m not really Indian. But you like cricket though, right? Ah, you like cricket Online Radio Australia You go for the Aussies or the Indians? Only the Aussies, mate! Only the Aussies, mate! This is going to be interesting. Okay, Saroo Online Radio Australia Why did you choose this course? What else do you want to get out of it? Hi, Hey! Welcome. Come in. Come in. Hi! Hi, how are you? Do you guys like Indian food? That’s all we have. That’s all we have. It smells so great. I tried to copy from someone Online Radio Australia You’ve ever done Bollywood dance? Oh, just like, one leg. Yeah, one leg Online Radio Australia Where I grew up, I say flashlight. What do you say? Lampo de poche. Lampo de poche? Flashlight Flashlight Lampo de poche. Flashlight is er Online Radio Australia (Indian word) What do you say? Torch. If you want to eat with your hands, you need to use the naan, like a spoon. Use a fork. No, let him use the naan. So how do you say taxi? Taxi. Taxi. It is the same in every language. Do you want a fork, Saroo? Yeah! He’s like my father. You want another beer? Yes please, thank you. Guddu, I want some jalebi. Guddu, jalebis Hello Online Radio Australia You okay? Saroo? I’m not from Calcutta. I’m lost. Howrah station is enormous, you must have been freaking out. I once went through there on a pilgrimage to Puri, and I missed my connection twice. And you didn’t speak Bengali? I didn’t even know it was called that. How long were you on the train? A couple of days. A couple of days? Saroo, what was your hometown again? Ganestlay. I must have had it wrong because it doesn’t exist. But there must be something else that you do remember. The platform Online Radio Australia I fell asleep on, there’s a big rain tank. It was only a few stops from Ganestlay. There are thousands of stations with rain tanks. Okay, it was a long time ago. Have you heard of this new program, Google Earth? It’s incredible, you can find any place from anywhere. Listen to me, we can find out how fast pRadio Onlineenger trains went back then. We take that speed, multiply by the hours that you were on the train. That’s it! We create a search radius. And inside there, you will find the station with the rain tank. Yeah, but it will take a lifetime to search all the stations in India. Did I say all the stations? Ok, even half the stations.. Really guys, I don’t want to talk about this. Did your parents try to find you? What? They tried to find him. No I just mean like, if they tried to find him, maybe they left like a paper trail. What paper trail? He didn’t know his surname. My mum couldn’t read or write. What does she do? A labourer, she carried rocks. Your mum? My mom died about four years ago now. I’m sorry. My dad is still so angry at her. Not for getting sick, obviously Online Radio Australia but just for refusing chemo. But she just knew herself, you know? She knew what her terms were and she knew how she wanted to live, so Online Radio Australia Just couldn’t accept that, I guess. And how do you feel? I miss her. And what do you think of Bharat’s search radius idea? What was that? Is that your dance? Is that how you dance? Oh, God! Hey. You can’t keep going on like this. Let me help you. Let’s go for a run. What? Lucy! Come here. Hold on. Got a cramp. You lied! You cheat. I never show anybody this. Okay, they’re beautiful. I do enjoy it. My little hobby. Oh wow, look at Mantosh! Uh huh. I’m so glad he’s coming tonight. Cheeky little thing. Pure energy. But incredible. So sweet! He’s been hard to control, but Online Radio Australia very, very smart Online Radio Australia and very Online Radio Australia I mean, he could do anything if he just learned to control that energy. He could do it, and do it all. Saroo is very protective of him. I’ve been blessed. Very blessed. Your mom showed me all your old little trophies. Mum, you didn’t. I didn’t know you were so athletic. That’s only half of them. There’s plenty more in the garage. Hey, where you going, mate? Finishing my smoke. I can barely get him off Online Radio Australia the couch these days. Lucy! Why can’t you just tell them Online Radio Australia what you’ve been up to? Don’t! Tell us. They will understand and they will support you. What? Come on. Hey, um, dinner! Better eat it, while it’s hot. You hungry? Yeah. What? What have I missed? Nothing. She looks upset. She’s not upset! You and I are leaving. Saroo knows everything. He’s an expert. Uh oh! He’s a manager. Why are you here? He’s here because he’s your brother. No, he’s not. We’re different. Hey, now now, Saroo! Saroo Online Radio Australia All right.

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