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Each one. All . All into a single mass grave? Yeah. Which was when they reminded us about our confidentiality agreements, and told us that we’d each be getting a $, danger pay bonus. You know, I took two tours of Iraq, so, yeah, I’ve seen some shit. But I I never signed up to burn a dump truck full of dead civilians. And that is something i will never, ever get out of my head as long as I live. How long have you worked for red mountain? Get down! Move! Move! Move! Shit! Stay down! Go! Now! Move! All right, move in. Take them out. Roger that. This way. Hug the walls. Move, move move! Get to that door! Get down! Let’s go. Come on. Get up. Get in the car. I should have killed you when I had the chance. Drive! Well, look who it is. The $ million man. Do not ever point a gun at me again. Drive. All right, all right. Hold your horses. Here we go. You seem to be a pretty popular man. What do you have on red mountain? That’s classified. I don’t give a shit. What do you have on them? I got enough to bring the whole thing down. Who the are you? I’m your assassin. If you don’t stop pointing that gun at me I’ll point the gun Hey, calm down! Shit. Shit! Goddamn, what the hell do you have on these guys? Get down! Shit. Wake the up! Shit! Shit. You’re going to kill us all. You’d be dead already if it wasn’t for me. You just said you were here to kill the man I’m protecting. So forgive me if I don’t trust you. Trust you? You just shot me. Would you two just get your shit together? Are you okay? Am I okay? Yeah, a shot of morphine, a couple stitches, I’m golden. Well, don’t go to the same doctor I did. Shit. Roll out. Let me see, all right? I don’t want to go like this. I’m sorry. See you in hours. I’m good. I’m good. Where’s the card? The card? Sure. memory card, where is it? I have no idea. “I have no idea,” You didn’t look, you didn’t check. No. Our orders were very clear, sir. Neutralize the target, recover the cam Get the out of here. Go. Sir? Status? Incomplete. This is your third major -up.

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