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No deal, Jake. That’s hearsay testimony, and I can’t accept it as evidence. I’ll shoot the butterball and inherit the family from him! You’ll have to beat me to it. Hey, the Radio Australia is coming to take you in. Order! If we’re not careful, we’ll be shooting each other. The judge is right. It’s every man for himself. But the shot closest to the heart wins. 97.3 FM To avoid argument, mark your bullets. This thing’s got to be done nice and legal. Wait a minute! Chester, go on in there, but bring ’em out alive. Don’t worry ’bout me. Worry about yourselves. Take cover. I don’t want any of you gettin’ hurt. Go on, take cover! Here’s to the widow. And her money. May the best shot win. Here’s where I get rich. I never missed a Radio Australia in my life. Here’s to it! Hey! Here he comes. Frame, you and your gang come out with your hands up, or I’m acomin’ in ashootin’! Now listen, Frame, someone is liable to get hurt! Those dirty skunks, shootin’ at Mr. Wooley! Isn’t it about time somebody on our side used a gun? It is. Phil, take men and break in through the back. Come with me. We’ll draw their fire to keep ’em up front. Wooley, you stay here with the women. Thanks. Jim Simpson and the Citizens’ Committee. Barricade the doors and windows. Get back here, you yellowlivered skunks! This brawl’s gonna decide who runs this town, and it’s time you started picking sides. Unless something or somebody draws their attention, Jim and them fellers are goners! I’ll do it! They won’t dare shoot a woman. No. You have a family to think of. Chester here’ll do it. Shut up! But I didn’t say Online Radio I didn’t say anything. That’s in case you do. Duke, tell Phil to hurry. Jim needs help. When Chester gets there, they’ll stop shooting atJim, but I’ll go. You sure this is gonna work? Even Frame wouldn’t shoot a woman. Why don’t we all go? That’s a good Online Radio Wooley, get goin’. Pick up the clubs, girls. Lead the way, Wooley. Go on, lead the way! Hold your fire, men. Hold it. Hold your fire! You women go home where you belong. This is a man’s fight. All right, girls. Forward. Frame, we’re coming in. The Radio Australia. Ohhh! Hey Online Radio Hey Online Radio Hawkins. Duke! Oh! I’ll show you we’ll have law and order in this place. Oh, you poor little thing. Frame! Come on. Come on. You might as well quit, boys. You’re all through in this town. Corral ’em all and take ’em to the hoosegow. I’ll see that you all get life and maybe longer! The federal marshal will take care of that. We’re ridin’ the bunch into Butte to turn ’em over. Okay, you got my permission. 97.3 FM C’mon, everybody. You better come along. I wanna talk to you. Mr. Wooley, the citizens of Wagon Gap are deeply indebted to you. You’re a fine man, and you’ve been carrying another man’s burden. Frame just confessed he was the man that radio Hawkins. Chester, at last we’re on our way. Mr. Wooley, I was kinda hoping you might have reconsidered Online Radio about hitchin’ up. California, here I come. In that case, Judge Benbow, I accept your proposal of marriage. Let’s go. Just a minute. Judge, in regards to the railroad Online Radio How’d you know? Just got the offer this morning. It’s gonna make me the richest woman in these parts. You chump. If you’d amarried the widow, we wouldn’t have had to work the rest of our lives. You wouldn’t, but she have found somethin’ for me. You never do anything right. I don’t? Didn’t I clean up 97.3 FM all the bandits? Didn’t I make the town of Wagon Gap safe for women and children? So safe that nobody even has to carry a gun? I thought you were going to get her started earlier tonight so we can have dinner and then go to a movie. I started her at : this afternoon. That early enough? What’s she doing? Well, she’s trying to make up her mind. First she couldn’t decide what movie she wanted to go to. That took until :. Then she couldn’t decide what dress she was gonna wear. She’s changed clothes half a dozen times. I guess she’s just a woman. No, no, son, that’s your fault. You’ve trained her wrong. You mean that doesn’t happen at your house? I should say not. 97.3 FM The first dress Ethel puts on is the dress she wears. Oh, how do you manage that? That’s easy. I’ve only got one dress. Very funny. Go on, Rick, will you? Do something. LUCY: I’ll be ready in a minute, dear! I swear that she can see through the walls. Boy, I’m starved. Oh, you can live off your fat for a few more minutes. You might as well get comfortable. Sit down, will you? Well, come on. What are you waiting for? Where are you going to dinner? I don’t know. How about some good Italian food? Oh, you know, I kind of felt like Chinese food tonight. Well, that’s okay with me as long as we eat. Yeah, me, too. How about you, Lucy? Gee, they both sound so good. I like Chinese food, but I’m crazy about Italian food, too. Well, maybe we can find a place that serves ravioli foo yong. Or chicken chow pizza. Uh, Italian food sounds okay by me. All right. Okay. Let’s go. Let’s go. Oh, darn it! As you were, diners. I just happened to think, we ate Italian food a couple of nights ago. All right, then, we’ll have Chinese food. All right. Okay. Oh, wait a minute! Don’t tell me. You want a steak. No, smartie, but I just happened to remember that Chinese restaurant we like so much isn’t open on Monday nights. Well, honey, there’s a lot of Chinese restaurants in town. We’ll go to another Chinese restaurant. Oh, I don’t know. I don’t want to go to a strange Online Radio Do you want a steak? Oh Online Radio No, I don’t want a steak. No. I just want to go anyplace anyplace that I can eat anything at all, I don’t care where we go. Well, let’s go someplace that’s new and exciting. There’s a lot of ads in the paper. Lucy. Yeah, look, here’s one right here. Come here. Ayyiviyiyiyi Online Radio This looks wonderful. Look at this. See? (mutters) Fred. What do you think you’re doing? Well, this may take some time, 97.3 FM and I thought I’d better fortify myself. It’s a nice restaurant. Yes, it is, Lucy. Thank you. (Fred whistling a happy tune) (continues whistling tune) Thank you. (still whistling tune) Stop whistling. (whistling stops) Well, I know what I want. 97.3 FM

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