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Yes, Farley is with me. Over here at the light. Watch yourselves coming across. Now, those of you who haven’t attended one of these sessions before. Listen to these instructions, please. Just at your right in each booth, is a panel with a switch and three buttons. These buttons permit each of you to start or stop the film To back it up or get it going forward again. If any of you recognise someone even vaguely familiar Press the “stop” button. Are there any questions? Then let’s start. This is the man used for the pickup. Watch the hands and faces of the people he meets or passes. Don’t hesitate even at the slightest doubt. To stop the machine or run it backwards. This is the ball park now. And you will have to try to pick out faces from among hundreds. Notice that he had a reserved seat. Our check shows it was bought at the box office on the day the boy was kidnapped. How much of it have we seen? Roughly, six thousand feet. About half of what we shot. What is it? I thought I saw something. I’m backing it up. That vendor. We were party members together in Illinois. That’s right. I knew him in Detroit. Well, what have you got on him now? Nothing. Lost track of him in Chicago two years ago. He called himself Manfred Rhinerton then. He used the name Charles Morgan before that. He was Pete Ronson in Detroit. Did you get those names? Yes. That badge number. What is it? Seventy-two. [ Doorbell ] I’ll get it, Martha. Come in, Greg. We got a good lead, Doctor. There is a plane waiting to take us to Los Angeles. They’ve picked up a man who may know where Tommy was taken. I’ll get Mrs Addison right away. No, Doctor. I’m only supposed to bring you. Oh? What is it, Frank? I’ll be right there, dear. I’ll just take a minute to tell her. Doc. Do yourself and your wife a favor, will you. Don’t build this up too high. It’s better to wait and see how good it cooks. You’re right. Thank you. Thank you very much. I’ll be right with you. “So, I sold hot-dogs for one day.” “Hey, why not you cut a record on this? I wouldn’t have to repeat so often.” “My name is Donald Clark.” “Arrested twice. Ann Arbor. Inciting a riot. Served ten days.” In here, gentlemen. Hello, Frank. Have you found out ? Not yet. Been at him for hours. He’s a very definite lead, though. Take a look at him. It’s a one-way glass. He can’t see or hear you. Did you ever see him before? Never. I’ll tell the Inspector you’re here. Donald Clark, age thirty-three. Are you the night shift? Somebody might lose his temper and slap you into the middle of next Monday. Easy, Russ. Yeah. That’s not very democratic talk. You remember what they taught you in Washington? Your book of regulations says, and I quote: No prisoner will be subjected to physical punishment by any member of the Bureau. Or in the presence of any member of the Bureau. When you’re walking that last mile, you can recite all the book of regulations. Dr Addison is outside. Doctor Addison Doesn’t know him. How is Martha? It’s over five days since they took Tommy. They haven’t hurt him. Not while they think you’ve done business with them.

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