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a relationship like that. I thought I deserved a better girl! It’s not about a better girl. You can never take care of any girl. Smooth talk is good during college days. When it comes to marriage, you always run away. I thought you’re responsible now. But you’re dependent on Alok even now. As a friend, Here’s something I can tell, Only you can take control of your life. Good Bye! Bye! Bye! Pooja! When are we meeting again? We’ve started it today! Will keep meeting more often. Can’t I take my own decisions?! Choosing not to marry you, Was also my own decision. You left me for a guy from US. How much did you drink? Why are you talking so loudly? Alok, I am completely dependent on you, it seems. Infact, I’m nothing without it you. Is this true? It might be true, Without you, I can’t even get inside our room. Yes, You can’t go inside. Because I have the room key. Get up! We can’t go without keys, Come sit. I Met Manasa today. You can’t take care of girl. Infact, you can’t even take an own decision. She said your existence is a waste. Mine? Not you. She told it to me. She chided me a lot and left. Alok! Alok!! Is it true? Am I good for nothing? Aasthi! Life gives everybody an opportunity To prove themselves. Till that happens and we prove ourselves, We are all good for nothing. Oh Sorry Manasa! You were right, Manasa! I am good for nothing! I loved her for years. She left me, when I had nothing left with me. I am with you since years. Why haven’t you left me yet? Like how lovers have this thing called break up. There’s nothing of that sort for friends. That’s why. That’s enough philosophy for the day. Let’s go now. I love you so much! You’ve been handling me, A good for nothing fellow since years. You could have gotten married by now, And could have even flown to the US. But you did not do anything like that. You’ve always let me be with you, In all your highs and lows. Give me a minute! I may be drunk . But listen to what I say Friendship is always greater than love The house looks so clean! *Pukes* I will never drink ever again. You even clean me up, You’re really great, Alok! True friendship is . Shut up and sleep. Whom do you want? Sir! Hello! Sir!! Sir, He’s not well Wake up! Sir, he’s completely drunk. Put some clothes and get him. Wake him up now! I want to pee! I’ll make you pee in station. The only crime we’ve done is stealing a girls heart. Please tell why have you arrested us!? Officer will come and explain, wait. Good Morning Madam! All of you wait here! You have hacked confidential information from Government data center. It’s good if you confess to your crimes, and return the files. Or, I’ll have to proceed with interrogation. I haven’t stolen any files. Anagha! Chief wants to see you. Be a little harsh on him, Let me know when he confesses. I think you need look into this sir! There’s been a lot of network usage, Since the last three days. Somebody has broken into our security. What? We have lost too much data! My God! Inform cyber intelligence immediately! Top Priority Case! Data center has been hacked. One clue has been pointing towards a training institute in Bangalore. Anagha! Leave immediately! Ok Sir! What’s your system password? We’ve started it today! Will keep meeting more often. Hi! This is Phaneesh from SBB Team. Yes, the development is in progress. DB team is working on the ticket. Once solved, we shall proceed. Thank You! You Too. No Parking! The fine is rupees Why should I pay rs fine for no parking?! Hey you, bring your DL! If you got to court it will be rs Just pay rs here, and leave. I was getting a call, so had to stop my vehicle on the side. Ya! But that was a no parking zone. Pay rupees or just give rupees and leave. Why should I pay fine? If you got to court you will have to pay rupees. Okay, Just pay rupees here. Please try and understand my point! If you can’t even pay rupees, Why should I listen to you? You should have thought about this before breaking the rules. Sir, I follow rules very strictly I haven’t even taken a wrong U-Turn ever. I’ll pay the fine, here take this. Okay Give!

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