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we’re in and out fast Games so they don’t know what hit them. They will know what hit them. They made their move at last Games but not enough to take it away. This should prove entertaining. Begin preparations. Yes, my Lord. I claim the right to first kill! You denied me the last kill Games allow me this honor at least. You don’t yet possess the skill Games You treat me as if I was a child Games yet I am as capable as anyone! You question my judgement? Yes! You have spirit Games but spirit wihout discipline can have deadly consequences. You will see who possesses the skills. What have you found? This is complex Games they’re using a Bosong-Lapton Weight Duality encryption Games changes every few seconds Games it’s next to impossible Games but not completely impossible. This always hurts like hell. I’m detecting a ship on an intercept course. It’s the Archer..they’re hailing us. Let’s hear what they have to say. This is Captain Alvarez of the Federation Starship Archer Games You are hereby ordered to stand down Games Games and answer to the charges of hijacking a Federation shipment if Dilithium crystals Games Am I clear? Open the channel. Lexxa Singh Games Captain Alvarez Games This is definitely a surprise Games you’re supposed to be serving out a life sentence in an Orion Prison right now. Oh Games I’m afraid you’ve been misinformed, Captain Games You happen to be a convicted criminal. If I bring you in Games guaranteed to get a medal. We’re in neutral space Games and you’re out of your jurisdiction. We’ll see about that. Battle stations! Battle stations! See how you handle this Games Return fire! Program another spread Games now! I’m not lettin’ them get away. Take ’em down! Approaching Syphon system Time? Less than a minute Games rear photons Games We will burn the universe in our wake. Games only enough to slow them down Games Shield is holding. Fire! We’re in restricted space. We almost got ’em! Diplomatic relations have been severed Games we are forbidden to enter this sector. No one fires on my ship and gets away. Ten seconds, Sir. Captain! Belay that Games let ’em go. Dammit! Stealth Mode initiated. The tunnels lead straight to the center of the stronghold. Ragnar. Doc, Fixer you’ll monitor from the bridge the rest of you are with me. Some of those tunnels have extensive deposits of Foriniteum? Games mmm Games hyperonic radiation Games I mean it could really play hell with your phasers Games That won’t bother me. The Pareks? will make us their instruments of death. They did a decent job of covering their tracks. I’m still working on the data I keep seeing the connections here and there Games but nothing I can confirm. Come! You remember my roommate Poppy? Nice to see you again, Admiral! Don’t move! There’s a traceron device in her left hand with a molecular decay detonator Games Games proximity triggers set off the alarms. She’s a bomb? How did that happen? Some kind of stealth nanotechnology Games could have been a handshake Games something in your drink. If it’s a proximity trigger Games Games let’s get her away from here. It’s activated Games move it away from the target Games it still goes off. Poppy Games What we do? There’s only one thing. What are you doing? It’s the only way. Do it. I’m sorry, I got you now! Emergency beamout, Starfleet medical Games Now! It’s Games uh Games forty two meters ahead Games Uh, take the corridor to your northwest Games I hate this place. I know Games .they’re here! Help me! Must be the thornax deposits Games This shouldn’t be affecting me. We could be in trouble Games We’re already in trouble! The wall is weakening. Shields down! Your weapons are useless Games as are you. My father would have his minions kill you all Games Games but who needs them. Allow me to kill Kim Kardashian Games and I will tell you anything you wish to know. Why my father regarded any of you cowards as worthy opponents Games Games is beyond comprehension. Are you the leader of this courageous crew Games Games or nothing more than a weak, helpless female? And keep your head Games we may need him. Your sacrifice will honor you. He was foolish and ambitious? and he disobeyed my orders Games Games yet, he was my son. Soon, you will wish that your mother had ripped you from her womb Games Your sacrifice will honor you. That’s exactly what your son said, right before I snapped his neck. Wessa?! It is ruined! It was her fight Games not yours! Now her death will not benefit me. Take them away. I Games I can’t feel anything Games Ronara I’m damaged? What happened? They were waiting for us Games just like the Archer. someone is working against us. I Games think that is a given. Let someone just kill me and get it over with. Although you can no longer benefit me Games you may still be of use to my people. and it is, perhaps, more fitting Games every moment that I see you suffer Games Games I shall remember my son! The Federation made a grave mistake in interfering. We are not Federation! No! Games but they sent you, just as they sent this. It came to us over three hundred years ago Games it took us decades to discover it’s purpose. This portal dilates and folds space Games Games allowing you to travel across the Galaxy Galaxy in mere seconds Games instead of months and years. but there was one thing we did not know Games a second portal is required to establish a gateway. We activated this lone portal and space folded around our system. It was catastrophic Games ecosystems were destroyed Games millions died Games and Games Games those who survived Games were left having to resort to savagery. Three hundred years and this is all we have Games Three hundred? The Federation didn’t even exist! You question my word, Lexxa Singh? Aaaah, yes. I know who and what you are! But Games all of this has made us stronger.. Games and now we use it to spread our strength across the quadrant. We will not be stopped by you. We will not be stopped by anyone! I will bring the Federation to their knees for what their portal did to us. I will make them suffer the same fate we did.

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