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Thank you so much. Goodbye. I’ll send a copy to your press agent. Yes, great. Sorry, it went a little long. I’m done. It all looks clean. I put a frequency recorder on your phone to make sure no one is tapping your line. The security firm sent the breakdown you asked for. I’d also like you to look at my dad’s insurance policies. First installment. My mom’s, untouched. I’m sure she’d be glad we’re working together. Excuse me. Memo. Sorry. I’ll come back in a few days to remove the recorder. I’ll call you. Mind if I leave this bag for now? Going back to Paris tonight? No. Wait downstairs. minutes. I’ll take you somewhere. Fine. See you in five. Hey, beautiful. So happy to see you. This is my friend Simon. Jerry’s our host. Pleasure. What do you think? Gorgeous. Come, I’ll introduce you to Sam. Maybe reclining a bit more. She wants you in the picture. No, thanks. Don’t be afraid, come on. Your leg Games Julia, you mind? Give me five minutes. Keep it. No, I’m fine. Are you sure? Yes. I’ll take it. Excuse me a second. A mitraillette, please. I got a mitraillette. And you? What is that? Two mitraillettes! Coming up. With ketchup and mustard. You’ll see, it’s incredible. It burns, it drips. All over your clothing. There’s nothing greasier. How much? Eight euros. Honestly, I never thought I’d be eating this. Can I ask a personal question? No. I’ll ask anyway. Where are you from? I mean, how did you grow up? I know you lost your mom at the same age I did. You’re well informed. Your dad alive? I guess. Want to get dessert? No, thanks. The mitraillette will do. Call you when I get back? Where the hell were you? Why’? Careful with that girl. No time to play Casanova. Good night, Albert. The last number is unreadable. The system freezes after tries. It’s a . ,,. Her parents’ anniversary. th of May, ‘. Julia? Simon Farrel. No, I didn’t disappear. I went through your dad’s file. I’ll be in Antwerp tomorrow to pick up my equipment. What time is your dinner? Fine, I’ll meet you at about :. I was detained. Any problem? I thought you forgot me. Pick me up after dinner? My dinner was cancelled. I’ll work while you get your stuff. It’ll take me an hour. If you need to go out, it’s fine. Don’t worry about me. Your stuff is still there. Fine. I’ll look into it Games Seen the security company files yet? Yes. Linvas has done good work. Honestly, no one could do better. Here. It’s Michaél. I heard the Russians ditched you. Want to get dinner? Thanks, but I’m working. Julia, I must talk to you. I see you every day. It’s driving me crazy. Let’s have a drink. Good. Five minutes. Fine. I’ll just get my jacket. I better go. What came over you? That’s her. Inés de Boissiére. Lives alone. No children. She’ll be at the City Casino tonight for a fundraiser. Don’t lose her. From the moment she enters until the moment she leaves. Good to go. She’s inside. Go ahead. I’m taking five. ELEVATOR OUT OF ORDER I have to go. What time is it? Late. Stay a little longer. There, baby. Come on. OK, Mommy’s taking off her coat. Come here. You ed up, asshole! You just had to watch her, and warn us! Because of you, she’s dead. What do you mean dead? What the hell? I ed up. She walked in on them. It’s my fault she died. Who hit you? Forget it. Did you hit him? No, he was next door. Touch him, I’ll kill you. Let it go. Here. It’s done. I’m out of here, Simon. Going back to Paris. Talk to Scylla? Yeah, we worked it out for the money. I’m too old for this job. Take care, man. What are you doing with her? Can you drive with that? Sorry, I have a meeting now. We didn’t cover this last night. I thought we covered it all. It’s not a joke. Listen to me, OK? It’s about the keys to the display. The head of security has the st. I don’t want you with the nd. Give it to Galley. Are you worried? Tell the Linvas people that you don’t want to carry it. Too much pressure. OK? This is serious, Julia. You all right? I leave today. I’ll be back for the exhibit. The girl won’t have the key. Security decided Galley would hold it. Tell everyone the target changed. Got a new watch? Yeah, an indulgence. A small one. Once in a while. Are your days too long without working? Yeah, but I keep busy. What? Come on, I never said such a thing. Wait, hold on. Simon, go get us two coffees at the machine in the hall. You do not impugn my integrity. You can’t see through that? ANTWERP CLEANERS No. Hang on. Certainly not. Yeah, fine. Bye. I have to go to court. I’ll drop you off. That’s OK, I’ll manage. I can go alone. It’s the opposite direction. But thanks. Bye. Bye. Have a good trip. Lts. Fauré and Kopel. Anti-crime unit. Mr. Delcourt? Yes. What’s going on? There you go. Why are you here? A parolee in my care got on a train to Antwerp. He’s confined to Paris. Simon Carrera is preparing to steal a jewel collection. We want him and his gang, in the act. I have to follow procedure. Notify the judge, the police. Bust them now, they’re out in . Our boss told the judge. Until we collar them, keep it routine. Anything comes up Games Give us a call. In this country they know how to copy. I mean copy. Like you’re inventing it. This guy’s work is like they used to do it. Should be sold as a work of art. The color took him days. Zirconium with great refractive index. The cutting angles are acute. No electric faceting machine. All done by hand. Patiently. As if he’d invented the craft. Security, Mr. Galley? You know this diamond was missing a long time. It’s been found. I won’t divulge Games conventions. All our rooms Games mare booked. . I’ll send someone up. Command, come in? This is command. Elevator stuck on . Here you are. Enjoy your evening. Thanks for inviting us. I saw the Florentin. Magnificent. Remember coming to my workshop? Hiding in your momma’s skirts. The diamond was in that chandelier. Made to order in, for a jeweler. With double rose cut crystals, like the Florentin. When we counted there were, one more than the order. The th was the Florentin. Come. Had you already seen it? No. My baby. You look dazzling. Simon Farrel, a friend. My father. Are you here for the history or the diamond? For Julia. The best reason! Excuse me, be right back. Pierre! Ah, Philippe. Philippe de Méziéres, Simon, a friend of Julia’s. You’re a lucky man. Julia is discerning with her trust. How did you manage? Don’t answer. Philippe was Ambassador in Djibouti. Went to his head. He’s everywhere, he wants the inside dope on everyone. Diamond customer. Got it. The key is in the rotunda. Going back up. Hands up! Off those machines! Lie down! You! Hands up! Come on, let’s go. First, thank you all for coming to this exhibition. I truly Games I’m very humbled by your presence. Let me Games start by saying a few words about the diamond. Perhaps you didn’t know, no diamond has influenced history like the Florentin. Appearing in, belonging to Charles the Bold, the famous gem is carats. You’re up. facets, thought to be one of the first diamonds cut in Europe. Certainly one of Christendoms most lovely. Here, they said to bring you this. Murder and tragedy dot the diamonds history, centerpiece of the Habsburg treasures. From the Mayerling lovers

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