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Well, because if you’re not, I’m not. Lucy, why should I go? I just don’t want to go alone. I feel strange. No way, I’m not going. Why not? Well so what if Kevin’s gonna be there? It’ll be a great chance to show him that you don’t need him to have a good time. Oh, and think of the chance it’ll be to meet guys! Oh Kim, let’s go, please! Honestly, Mom, how many times have you already dusted today? Just trying to keep things clean, and you’re certainly no help. Clean? More like antiseptic. You’re always fussing, but you don’t care about yourself. Look at you, you’re always in that rag. Really, Kim, what do you expect me to wear around the house, an evening gown? Or maybe one of the minx your father left me? Ha! Don’t joke about Daddy. No wonder he couldn’t stand it here. You could’ve looked decent once in a while, instead of worrying about dirt, and dust, and greasy buildups! Maybe then you wouldn’t have driven Daddy away! And maybe Daddy wouldn’t have had to kill himself because he couldn’t get it up anymore! (funky brass music) That flake. Kevin? Yes Kevin, who else would I mean? Look, I didn’t want to split because of him. I don’t give a who he sees or what he does. I just wasn’t having any fun, that’s all. Okay, so now what do we do? Your parents are still away, aren’t they? Yeah, so? So we hit up on your dad’s bar again. Oh, I had such big plans for tonight. Well you’re gonna have to lose your cherry on your own time. I don’t like booze that much. Look, it’s all we’ve got, so let’s just do it, okay? Okay. Hey, wait a minute! What? There’s Tony! Oh, I get it, you want to make a small purchase, huh? Why not? You don’t like booze, there’s the alternative. (horn honking) Hey baby, what’s happening? Whatever’s happening, it ain’t happening in there. No? It’s still kinda early. Hey, when are you gonna start working for me? No way. You’ve already got two hookers working for you. Isn’t that enough? Yeah, but neither of them’s like you, mama. Look, you think about it, eh? No. You got any stuff on you? Is Rauquel Welch stacked? I mean the good stuff, not the you sold me the last time. No, this is the new shipment. Good stuff. Why don’t you get in and we’ll talk price? We’ll talk price right out here. Come on, I can’t do business like this out in the open. Besides, you want to see what you’re getting, don’t you? Okay, but strictly business, right? Oh yeah, I’m all business. Good, huh? Yeah, okay. How much? Well, that depends Radio Business, Tony. Right? What, is Kevin the only one good enough to make it with you? Huh? I guess he is the only dude you ever made it with. The grass, Tony. How much? bucks. bucks, what do you think I am, the late Howard Hughes or something? It’s bucks, baby, now, end of conversation. Okay, but I’ve gotta get it from my friend first. And when her strap came undone, and her top fell off, there she was, with nothing. Flat, just like a boy. I mean, I kind of felt sorry for her. If I was flat like that, I wouldn’t want anything like that to happen to me. But you gotta admit, it was kind of funny the way it happened, right? What’s wrong? I just don’t feel like listening to it anymore, that’s all. Okay, so we don’t have to listen to it. Do you mind if I have a drink? No, I don’t mind. Hey, but why drink when you’ve got this? That stuff isn’t doing anything. Maybe a drink will help. I hope you don’t get mad at me, but you are acting a little weird tonight. Am I? Well, aren’t you? No, I don’t think so. Look, it’s Kevin. I know that it’s Kevin, so why don’t you just come right out and admit it? Look, Lucy, I don’t give a about Kevin. He only split because he couldn’t give me all I wanted, and his poor male ego got bruised. Kevin’s a prick, and I don’t want to see him anymore again. Never! I’m just glad I found out about him, and myself. Things are much clearer. And I’ll tell you another thing, Lucy. Starting tomorrow, you’re gonna see some big changes in me. What do you mean? Man, I’m sick of this . I’m sick of the I take from Kevin. Sick of the I get at home, in school. No more. Starting tomorrow, there’s gonna be some big changes. Well, I still don’t know what you’re talking about. What do you mean, a new you? I’m gonna be a new woman. Right now I’m flunking out of half my classes, right? No more. I’m gonna get the highest grades, and studying isn’t gonna have anything to do with it. And I got no money, right? I’m gonna have money. And I’m gonna get them both the nicest way I know. (creepy bell music) Daddy? Daddy, are you awake? Daddy, can I talk to- You just wait. I’m gonna have all the things my dad couldn’t. Oh Christ, you’re still stuck on your dad? Jesus, it’s been nearly two years. Why don’t you let go? Just watch. Starting tomorrow’s gonna be a whole new scene. (door knocking) [Mom] Kim! Kim, it’s that time again. Kim! I’m already up, Mother. [Mom] Already up? Are you sure? Would I be talking to you like this if I wasn’t? You’re not going to school like that, I hope. Why not? Well, for one thing, they’d send you home. Don’t you know there are no dress codes anymore? Well, I don’t care. This is ridiculous.

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