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So, It doesn’t bite ya. And the other one like this. What do you do whit them? What do you think? Eat them. No. Sell them. You always catch this much? No, Almost never. Right. There you go, Close there. Grab that. It wasn’t your song, You know. -It couldn’t have been. No. They where already in the pots. Why do you put them back? I am saving them for a rainy day, And sell the rest. We will get something for these. We? Your share of the catch. You did sing. Just don’t go out and sing for everyone. Follow me to the Co-op, Will get Ten Euro for a pound. I do not want to meet any one. You have met me. You are the only one. How are you, Mary? Hello, Circus? Oh, You did well today. Yes. For a change. They say there are no lobsters left. They don’t. Thank you very much. Lovely.. Can I, Help you , Circus? Tracy, Would this go near you ? You want me to try it ? Oke. It is a bit tight around here. At least you are not invisable. What? Nothing, I will take it. For who? Just for Annie. This will never fit Annie. It will someday. What do you think, Circus? I think that’s not my name. Sorry. Dad. Do they give you a hard time ? No. They are jealous. How many of them got wheels ? Motorized wheels. What are we doing? I was going to drive you home, I’ll race you. Annie… Yes ? We won’t so. So, Whats the story? Oh, She sings. Who sings? The woman of the story, I told you about. With the fisherman, Yes. She sings to the fishes, And he catches them. Are you sure that you are not dreaming, Dad? Dreaming. Yeah, You are sure this is not some weird, Wish-fulfillment thing a kind of thing. How did you learn words like that ? I go to school. And I didn’t? No, Let be honest. You didn’t You move with your mouth when you read, Is that bad ? No, But it means something, So, She sings does she. Yeah, A song in a language that he has never heard. That would be Selk. Selk? A kind a sailor talk? And do you know why she sings? They don’t speak they sing. That’s how they communicate under water. They don’t speak they sing. So, The lobster heard her singing? What lobster. What I mean is, Under the water they hear her singing. The villens of the deep. Are you sure? She is a seal, she is not human. She looks human. In the story? Yes, In the story. Who’s story is this ? It’s mine. You make it up ? Yep, For you. What are you planning for the weekend? Practice mine new wheels. Curious. I brought you some things. Things ? Messages. Messages ? Yeah, Food and stuff. Even girls from the water need to eat, Right. Need clothes. Need to… Tie those shoelaces. Curious, And curiouser. You know my size ? Tracy in the shop She looked like.. Your size. Thank you. Can I.. What ? Can, I , Clean up this place ? I suppose. How long will you stay? It depends, I guess. On what ? On you. On me? If it depends on me, You can stay forever. Forever? Forever . Happily ever after, Once upon a time.. I have been telling my daughter a story. A fairytale. What is the story dad? It’s great, See you, Deirdre. Hi, Annie. God, You have a lots of books there. I’m researching Researching what ? Somet

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