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Oh, my God! What? What if it’s carbon monoxide? Carbon monoxide poisoning can mimic flu symptoms. She said she lived above a boiler room, right? Oh, my God, Mario, I could kiss you. But not really. Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. __ Let’s move, people. I.V. and foley are in. Truck ran right over his leg, broke in at least four places. Big mid-femur deformity from the crush. What’s your name, sir? Wayne. I just can’t feel my leg, doc. Bone’s pinching a nerve. We’re gonna help you. I.V., fluids, milligram morphine, stat. Flying it. What’s that for? Renovating the suture room. You’re drilling a burr hole? Foot cold. There’s no pulse down here. We got to get this leg straight. He’s gonna need that gurney. Got it. Bring it in. You can’t put a hole in that kid’s skull in the E.R., Leanne. You need a neurosurgeon. It’s an epidural bleed. He’s out cold. I got to drain it. Line him up. One, two, three. Sometimes you just got to be a cowboy, Neal. Hey, you’re gonna need some help if you’re gonna yank that. Mario, get over here. Okay, Wayne, this is gonna help with the pain. Phone the cath lab. Tell them we’re on our way. Dr. Rorish, you might not be surprised by this, but one of your residents is calling you from the back of an ambulance on the Freeway. What?! Who? Blondie. I got to go. Christa? Dr. Rorish, it’s definitely carbon monoxide. They had to break all the windows. She’s still unconscious. We’re giving her oxygen. I’m sitting here… Christa, deep breath. Give me vitals. Pulse faint at , B.P. over palp. Her patient’s crashing. She’s pregnant. You need to get her back here. She needs a hyperbaric chamber. Christa, what’s your E.T.A.? Not soon. You’re not gonna like this, Neal, but… She has to perform a C-section on the rig. Sometimes you got to be a cowboy, right? Let’s do this. Wait, Christa’s gonna do a C-section? Mario, focus. I need you up by his shoulders to give me leverage. I’m gonna try and save his leg. Christa, listen. I need you to tell the medic to prepare an emergency surgical kit. Wait, wait, wait, wait.

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