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and if you call the cops, the toy could get broken. It could get broken! You’re sure you just put him to sleep? Don’t worry, he’s all yours now. Meaning? Keep an eye on him and tell me if there are problems. But… How do I figure into this? I can’t do it! You’re mine now, I’ll do what the I want with you. Now take me to your house, we’ll hide the kid there. Pippo! I have to talk to him. Good evening. Get lost. Who the … Get lost! Go, out! You guys too, out! What happened? Manfredi Anacleti came to my house and kidnapped my son, you said you’d protect me. You didn’t do a thing, so our deal is off! I’ll bring him home, just relax. I won’t ‘just relax’, I don’t believe anything or anyone anymore, especially you, you can shove the law up your ass, shove it up your ass! Pippo, you don’t have to do anything, just calm down and listen to me. Go home, go stay with your wife. What did he ask in exchange? He wants a cut of the deal, %. I’ll fix this thing for you, nothing will happen to your son! Don’t get any closer. C’mon! Don’t complain, another guy would throw you off the bridge for the shit you pulled. What do you think? We’re playing cops and robbers, havin’ fun? Not one bit! Any bullshit, the millions go and we get years in jail. We can’t always let it go. What the do you know? You made a mess! I evened the score for you, didn’t I? Now it’s World War against the gypsies! It’s my fault? Yeah, it’s your fault. Careful! Careful! Go! On my three: one, two, pull! Careful! A grim chance discovery: the body of a woman was found this morning at the bottom of a man-made lake on the outskirts of Rome. Giving the alarm were the maintenance men charged with emptying the basin. Police are investigating, little news has leaked out, but it seems it’s the body of a very young woman. At first examination the body may have been in the water for or days, but autopsy results are needed. The man-made pool of water is located in the outskirts to the south of the capital. It’s hard to find eyewitnesses, the entire area is abandoned… I know, what we did was shit. So, how do we fix it? I made an agreement with Manfredi, he’s in the project now and to pay for the deaths you caused, he’ll take part of your cut. No way, this isn’t their turf! I’ve already decided. That’s just great, but I’ve been working my ass off for a year getting villas and lands sold. I’d say you can just go to Manfredi and say the deal’s off. And the junkie… you gotta give her to me. Hands off Viola, she’s my stuff. And don’t call her that, it bothers me. So, no junkie and no deal with Manfredi? Exactly. Anyway, you know nothing moves in Ostia without my okay and that I’m not like my father, so I don’t give a who you are, who you were, what you represent, you’re a total nobody to me. You were… But this is today! You were and I am. Move! Gettin’ some sun? Have you all voted? Have you? May I close? Voting is closed. In favor , against . The Chamber approves. It passed! It passed. Hello? Hello? Hello. It passed, give me back the doll. Where… Hello? All okay, the kid’s fine. My work’s done, right? Tell me tomorrow, I gotta go now, my family is waiting. About that promise… I told you I’m goin’ now. It’s just a second, all I need are the keys. I’ll decide when I have a second and now I don’t. What’s that mean? You’ve got one now! I’m asking you for what’s mine! I did it all, everything! Raising your voice in my house? What’s yours? I need the villa to work, understand? You owe me! Most I can do is offer you a job. I don’t want it, I want what’s mine! You don’t have a thing. How the can you be this way? You piece of shit! You rat, you scum! Want to die? Want to die? Throw him out! Well, satisfied? In your opinion? I hope yours is the start of a political change of heart. Go slow, a step at a time. You sign the contract tomorrow, I got you what you asked for. You won’t be sorry for the choice you made. Congratulations! I didn’t think you could pull it off. You’re not the only one. Now can we stop warring in the Party? From tomorrow we work side by side, even in your nice foundation.

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