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‘Cause we already got a fake uncle. Gregorio Cortez is my younger brother. President’s daughter. President’s son. Good. Prime Minister’s son. General’s daughter. They’re all here as planned. I have to get back to my show now. You must focus on the task at hand. We have to prepare the army before Mr. Lisp arrives. I don’t believe in this anymore, Minion. I don’t think I ever did. Explain. The mutated agents, the robot kids, those aren’t my ideas. They’re yours. So, what? I think that’s why they’re not working. Not yet, they’re not. But, you see, I now have the Third Brain. I don’t need you anymore. Minion? I assure you, it’s Mr. Minion now. And you, Floop, have served your purpose. Children, lock him in the virtual room. You’re a secret agent, aren’t you? What makes you say that? According to the database, you’re always traveling, and no one knows what you do for a living. I think we all have uncles like that. “Another fine Machete product.” You make the best spy inventions in the world. That’s correct. Yeah, but you sell them to both sides, good and bad. That’s why Dad hasn’t spoken of you in all these years. Ever sell stuff to Floop? Why? Our mom and dad, your brother, are his prisoners, and if we don’t do something to help, something really bad is gonna happen to them. I don’t see why you won’t help him! You think I want to baby-sit my brother the rest of my life? “Watch out for Gregorio.” “Take care of Gregorio.” “Make sure Gregorio knows right from wrong.” Not anymore. Machete’s not responsible for nobody but Machete. But that’s not what family is. We’re just brothers. Cain and Abel were brothers. Look how they ended up. Now, the only thing that will get you to Floop’s castle fast enough is this. It’s tiny. It’s built for one passenger, but it’s fast. Will you go? No. For your brother? No! Then how about for us, your niece and nephew? No. How about if… No, no, no! A million times no! Pass the pig intestines. I’m not eating that now. Nope. Can I have a… No! Glass of water? Thank you for letting us stay here while we ponder our parents’ terrible fate. If you weren’t a Cortez, I wouldn’t be doing this much. So, family does mean more to you than money. No. Dad misses you, too. Ready? Let’s go. Now we’re talking. What are you doing? Getting the map to Floop’s castle. It’s just a reflex. Look. He’s still asleep. Never send an adult to do a kid’s job. Yeah. What can I do to help? Remember that spy plane up on the roof? Yeah. Start reading. Homework. No! Hurry up! He’s coming! He’s coming! Good-bye, Uncle Machete! Thanks for the plane! Okay, so here’s the new plan. We get to the castle, rescue Mom and Dad, then somehow stop Floop from using the brain on the robots before they’re sent out to dominate the world. Think we can do that? How hard could it be? I didn’t do anything. Okay. Airspeed, fine. Altitude, fine. Autopilot, failing? Great. Another fine Machete product. Take control. We have to go to manual. Now! You were supposed to read all the instructions! You skipped a chapter, meathead. Better stop calling me names.

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