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I think you can handle it. Let’s go, let’s go. Let’s go, Jesse. Go, go. Mama’s in the kitchen. Hey. Focus. You can do this. Out of my way! Come on! See you. Thanks. Blood pressure. Great. Hurry up. Stabilized, let me know when he’s ready. Got it. Tube is in. Vitals are dropping. Doesn’t make sense. Hang in there, pal, okay? Why isn’t it working? What is happening, please? Might be a bad chest tube. I’m gonna need another chest tube. I-it’s… it’s not the tube. This one’s just stuck. Please do something! He’s not breathing! Angus! It’s stuck in the fascia of his back. Get him out of the way! Grab the tube! You need to pull! We need to get the doctor in here! I’m a doctor. And you are, too. Listen. Listen to my voice, okay? Okay. Do you feel it? Yes. Just stuck in the fatty tissue. Okay. So we just pull gently. Okay. Okay. Ah! Good job, Dr. Pineda. Your little boy’s gonna be okay. Good job. I need a of nylon. Pick this up. Someone put up some dressings. Thank you, thank you. All right. Rorish is looking for you. She canceled the tox screen on your pregger. Patient left anyway. Sorry. Which is showing a hyper dense increased attenuation in an elliptical pattern, which is consistent with an epidural hematoma. No, do not put me on hold again! Dr. Rorish, I know you’re angry… You deliberately ignored direct instructions from your supervising physician. You said trepidation is a deadly quality. I thought I was acting in the best interest of my patient. You don’t have patients. You’re a first-year… a first-day resident, which means every patient you see is my patient. If I can’t trust you here, I can’t have you here. Goodbye, Christa. Wait. What? Go home. It’s over. Yes, yes, yes, I’m here. No, well, someone’s gonna have to drill a hole, then, because the blood has to go somewhere! She fired me. Did you tell her I knew? No, Mario, but thanks for the concern. Look, I’m sorry, but while you were busy picking up preschools, I paid for medical school driving a truck, choking on diesel fumes. Wait, wait, wait. Diesel fumes!

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