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have that type of juice on the street. I need my hands. He’ll take my hands. No, Basta, I’m gonna make it right. How can I hold my kids with no hands? sobs how can I hold my kids with no hands, huh? How can I hold my kids with no hands, Santo? tense notes emotional music Ann You okay? Yeah. It’s Games Got a lot on my mind. I’m here, all right. Yeah, I know. knocking Ann Santo, get the door. knocking Who is it? It’s your uncle. speaks in Italian Voiceover Come on, please, just give it to me. both laugh and mumble Voiceover Give it to me. Voiceover Give it to me. Ann Hey, if I have to come in there. Voiceover Stop it. muffled arguing Matty Ann, thank you for having me, really. Ann Uncle Matt, please, any time. Ann groans Uncomfortable? Yeah, this one kicks. laughs It’s a boy. We’ll see, I don’t know. Yeah, yeah, did you discuss names? Ann I like Bernadeto. Matty Like your father. Ann Exactly. Santo I like Rex. Matty scoffs I’m not so worried about names, but where we’re gonna live. You are growin’ outta this apartment, Santo. Ann See. Santo But Ann did say, after the baby comes, she’s gonna get a job so we can afford a house. Ann Yeah, I’m gonna rob a bank. Yeah, yeah. She’ll do no such thing. No, no, we’re fine. Very happy here. Ann I’m gonna take these. Here, here. Go lie down, he’ll clear the table. No, it’s fine, I gotta do the dishes and Games Ann. Santo will do that too. You go lie down and rest. Go ahead. Santo’s gonna do it? Matty I guarantee it. Go ahead. All right. Uncle Matt, you come over more often, all right? Matty Come here. Ann Love you. Matty God bless you, sweetheart. chuckles I see you’re spendin’ time with Manny. I want you to be careful, you know. He’s not to be trusted. He’s a bad guy. Santo sighs Your father wouldn’t approve. My father? Uncle Matty, you wanna tell me how my father died? What did Manny tell you? That the two of them ran the neighborhood. Manny the Hand and Carlo the Butcher. Best friends. And then he went on to tell me some story about Benny. Up in Harlem. You know about that? Whatever I know will do you no good. Manny is a user, Santo. I’ve known him a long, long time. Before your father, before my vows. I married him. I christened his daughter. I married her to that bum, Carmine. You be careful. You do what you gotta do. But do not get wrapped up in his life. You got a good job, you got a beautiful wife, nice family. Don’t look into the past. I gotta look into the past. I don’t know who my father was. You never told me the truth about my father. I wanted you to know your father the way I knew him, not the way Manny knew him. Yeah, well, who’s gonna tell you that your father’s a crook. loud smack tense music There’s nothing down that path for you. Yeah, well, tell that to Manny. mutters Manny should place his faith in somethin’ other than the stars. sighs I’m gonna kill Benny. Listen to me. Your father-in-law’s not a stupid man. You believe me. He hasn’t survived in the street this long because he couldn’t navigate the waters. I mean, come on, use your head, will ya? You got eyes? He’s carried the burden of Harlem and your father’s death a very long time. Long time. I’m gonna make it right by Basta. I have an idea. I need your help. curious music Here you go. Santo These are up to date? As of last night. Thank you. Agent Cahil is in your office. Voiceover Santo. Agent Cahil. Am I interrupting? Not at all. Do you have some time for me? sighs Sure. I was just about to review some things. But what’s up? Do you keep a tab of each of your accounts’ balances? I try to stay on top of everything. You must have thousands of accounts. How on Earth do you retain all of that? Well, I don’t remember everything. Just some? Well, more than just some. Agent Cahil They tell me you’re like an idiot savant when it comes to numbers. Well, if you ask my wife, I’m just an idiot. both chuckle Can I have some fun? It was recently updated. I haven’t really had time to review it, so Games That’s okay. Previous week’s balances are right here. Let’s see. Account number nine, nine, eight, seven, two, three, two. You know, I really think this is Games Oh come on, Santo. Let me see what you got. $. And. cents. Agent Cahil vocalizes awe That is unbelievable. We’re gonna have you crackin’ codes in no time. Oh God. This heat. It’s cooler in New England, but not by much. Is that where you’re from? Agent Cahil Yeah, just outside Boston. groans There’s some good Italian restaurants in Boston. Agent Cahil Oh sure, north end. Actually, I did some work up there. Is that so? Yeah, remember that mob war they had a few years back? Yeah, sure, late ‘s. Yeah, well, when all that was goin’ on we got together with the FBI and the Boston PD on a task force. We infiltrated the Italians by getting one of their minor players to flip. I’m sorry. I said Italians instead of mob, and I did not mean that in a derogatory way. You see, in Boston, we also have the Irish mob. It’s very powerful, quite ruthless, actually. So in order not to confuse the two, I said Italians. To me it doesn’t really matter. Either group, pieces of . Not people of Italian or Irish descent, mind you. I mean, I’m Irish on my father’s side. Rather mobsters. Pieces of . Where was I? Oh, right, how’d I get this guy to flip. So, most minor players don’t really know what they’re getting themselves into. Most times, believe it or not, they’re either conned into it or they just, they want taste of that life. Money. Power. And then when they find out it’s not really what they expected, it’s too late. They’re in too deep. And then we find out what their weakness is and just squeeze ’em. Well, that’ll do it. both chuckle Yeah. Well, sometimes it’s the threat of prison. And sometimes, believe it or not, it’s not so much what they can lose, but more what we can give them. I don’t understand. Well, sometimes it’s really better if they just stick around. And that way they can keep doin’ what they’re doin’, and we get a better look at the big boys. No harm, no foul. In this specific case, they were leveraging the odds on horse racing by laying off bets and them funneling their winnings through a local bank. Inside job. Most times it is. Anyway. I wanted to ask if you had some time, so we could go over a few transactions that we red-flagged. What did you find? I don’t wanna go into it now. I’ll have the entire file when we have a chance to sit down more formally. I’d be interested to see. Great, how about early next week? I take my vacation next week. There’s a Feast in my neighborhood. That’s the thing with the float? The Giglio. Agent Cahil struggles with pronunciation Giglio, it’s religious. I’ll see you when you get back. Thank you very much for your time. My pleasure. And by the way, I wanted to tell you that you really, you got a beautiful family. Benny, I’m gonna in’ kill you. curious music typewriter keys click Tell me somethin’ good Hey, ho, hi, oh. Hi, sweetie. Ciao Bella. Matteo, speaks in Italian in. I’ll call him. . And I’ll pop in at . tense music Raise him, stupid. He’s only got left. Scalzo. Give him . See your . And I’ll raise you Games Put it all in. All in. So,

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