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We just need to take this left right up here. Let’s take a look. There you go. Let’s get her to bed. What? No, no no no no, what happened? Deactivated? Why? Looks like someone doesn’t want Robo-Dog to be found. You mean? Maybe Robo-Dog’s been Robo-Dog-napped. Thank you, Daddy, for bringing me a best friend. You’re welcome. Good night. Say good night to Mr. Sparky. Okay. Good night. Good night, Carson Perry. Go to sleep. Oh, wow, what a mess. What’s this? My name is Tyler Austin, and this is my best friend in the whole world, Robo-Dog. Uh-oh. Robo-Dog is the best, and I can’t imagine ever being apart from him. Oh boy. This is not very good. This was the last place Robo-Dog’s before it was deactivated. He’s gotta be in one of these houses. We’ll find him. But how? One word, steak. Stakeout! Oh, Barry, you’re a genius! I was just gonna say steak, but stakeout sounds good. Sound. Oh, Barry, that’s it! We can use my sound tracking device to find him. Once we input his voice, it’ll help us pinpoint his location. All right, sounds good, let’s do it. I am Robo-Dog. Nothing. Maybe he’s asleep. Maybe. Tell you what, let me take the first shift so you can get some sleep. Thanks, Barry. No problem. Don’t worry, I’ll stay awake. Hey, Barry. Yeah? Yep? Just checking, but yeah, you do know how to use that thing, right? Oh yeah, no problem. I got it. Okay. Goodnight. Goodnight. Oh Theodora, you are so funny. Mira, wasn’t I just telling you just the other day just how funny she was? You sure were. Oh, Mira, my dear, would you mind pouring me another spot of tea? Of course. Such a lovely flavor. Where on earth did you find it? I grew it in my magical garden. Well it is indeed a magical flavor, with a hint of lavender. Would you like some too, Frogerina? What about a peach scone? I know they’re your favorite. You two having fun? Why, yes, Carson Perry. It is rather delightful. Would you care for some peach and cranberry scones? Oh, no no no, I’m okay. I made them myself. Okay, just one, just one. Oh, they all look so good. I’ll take this one, okay? Mm, they are just so sconey good. Would you like to join us? No no no no no. Besides, sweetheart, you have to get ready, because we’re going to grandma’s. Come on. Again? Why? You love grandma. Yeah, but I like it better here with you. Aw, thanks, sweetheart, but I gotta go to work. Is Mr. Sparky gonna go? Not today. I thought maybe he would just stay home. Why? Yes, why? Mira is my best friend. I should go with her too. Please. Please? Please please? Please? Okay. Robo-Dog can come too. Robo-Dog? You mean Mr. Sparky. Right. What did I say? Yeah, of course, Mr. Sparky can come too, but let’s go. Hooray! Yay! Yay. All right, let’s get you two to grandma’s. Yay, grandma’s! Yay, grandma’s! Yay, grandma’s. Barry, why didn’t you wake me up for my shift? You were so sound asleep I decided to take the whole night. Did you see anything? When? The whole time you were watching. Me? No. No, nothing. Man. Maybe this is the wrong place. I would’ve sworn this is where the beacon is transmitting. Wanna get breakfast? Sure, but we have to get right back to watching. You got it. Maybe we should shower too. Yeah, sounds good. Man, I just hope we didn’t miss anything. Hey, come on in. Get over here and give grandma a kiss. What, I don’t get a kiss? You’re such a baby. Thanks for looking after Mira. I love to. Do I get a kiss too? No, you don’t get a kiss. Hey, get away from that cake! I gotta go to work. I love you. You’re not staying for lunch? I gotta go. I got work stuff. I love you. I’ll be back in a few hours. Bye, Daddy! Listen to your Grandma! Love you! Love you. Be a good girl. Bye! Bye. Your father. His mind’s always someplace else. You know? I know. Are you hungry? Yes. Because I made my special. Yummy! After this, I’m gonna show you to my secret place. Sounds good. All right, Barry, bathroom’s all yours. Oh, man, Barry, what are you doing? Sorry. Sleeping in the car really cramped me up, so gotta do my stretches. Wait, did you just say sleep? I may have. Barry, did you sleep all night? I’m sorry, Tyler. I tried to stay awake but I couldn’t. That means Robo-Dog may be in the area where we thought he was. Yep, probably. Then we gotta go back. You got it, soon as I’m done with my stretching. Oops. Oh, gross, Barry! That was Robo-Dog. Robo-Dog isn’t here. It may have been me. Just hurry up, please. Time is running out. Where are you taking me? To this secret place I found. Nobody knows about it. I pretend it’s my royal kingdom and rule over all my royal subjects with a kind and giving heart. Sounds like a nice place. There it is. Race you there. Oh no you don’t. Wow, how did you do that? I don’t know. Do you know any other tricks? Maybe. Let’s see. Wow, that’s neat! It is. Anything else? Cool! Would you like to show me your kingdom? I’d be glad to. Here we are. It’s very nice. These are where my loyal subjects live. This is the throne room. And here’s the ballroom! You have a room shaped like a ball? No, a ballroom is where you throw a royal ball. When you throw these royal balls, who fetches them? A ball’s another word for a big dance party. Oh. I am not sure I know how to dance. Well you’re a dog. Dogs aren’t really known for dancing. I’d like to know how. Could you teach me? Sure. First you stand like this. Then you do this. Now we need music. Like this? No! Less loud and more classy. Oh, like this? Yes, and here we go. One two three, one two three, one two three. One two three, one two three. Like this? One two three, one two three. One two three, one two three. Like that? No, silly. Hold my hand and I’ll help you. One two three, one two three, one two three. Spin me! Okay. Whoa, I’m dizzy. Did I do something wrong? No, just a little less spinning next time. Yes, I can do that. Now I curtsy and you bow. Like this? That was nice. Thank you for teaching me. You’re welcome. I love to dance. I do too. Again? It’s getting late. We should go. Okay. After you, my lady. Why thank you. Is this thing even working? Hey, this looks fun. What? Spring dance. Barry, we have no time for dancing. We have to find Robo-Dog, then fly

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