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Yeah, but you know how that goes. It could be hours. It gets worse. He’s an organ donor. Transplant team’s on the way. Then we can’t wait for CFS. I have to tell her. Neal. Neal. I should do it. Why? She’s my patient. I gave her my word. I don’t think it’s a good idea. It won’t be pretty. Are you protecting me or her? He was under my care. Let’s do it together. Is he awake? Ariel, your father came in with some terrible injuries, most of which we couldn’t see at first. What are you… What are you saying? There is no g… good way to say this. I’m sorry. For what? We couldn’t save him. I-I don’t understand. Your father died, Ariel. Well, technically… Technically, it’s a-a brain death. So he’s not dead? No, no. That’s… What I mean is, machines are keeping his body in a state of… What are you saying? I’m trying to explain to you. No, you’re not! What happened to just giving it to me straight? I’m giving it to you straight. So he’s dead, but technically, not really, right? No, I want to go see him. I want to see him. I have to see him! Please, sit down. Please sit. Listen. No. Ariel, your father chose to be an organ donor. That’s why we have machines keeping his organs functioning. You have to understand… He’s never going to wake up. He’s gone, sweetheart. I’m terribly sorry. No. No. No. Ariel. No. No, I know. No, no, no. You can’t have his organs. I’m his daughter, and I’m saying no. Well, unfortunately, that’s not your decision to make. It’s your father’s, and he made it a long time ago. No, you don’t care about my father, and you don’t care about me. You just want to cut him up. That is not true. Shut up! Shut up. Sorry. I’m… I’m so sorry. Shh. Got bleeding, I’ve got bleeding! Transplant team’s en route. I want to tell you how fabulous you look right now. I do? No. I want to tell you that, but then it’d be a lie. You look like you’ve been strapped to the bow of a ship. Is that so? Mm-hmm. No, no. Don’t do that. You don’t need any more laugh lines, believe me. Me? Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately?

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