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what are you gonna do? I’m out. Good move. So, what do we got, fellas? music intensifies music breaks and softens Good game. knocking Come. What was the amount of that final hand? . That’s what I thought. You should have folded. Why would I fold when we’re all in? You got your father’s head for numbers, kid. But I never knew you had his balls. No, unc, I don’t want this. It’s not for you. I don’t understand. You’ll figure it out. Go ahead, come on, I’m busy. uneasy music Manny wants you to stop by for a cup of coffee. dramatic music with Italian vocals Hey, what do you say? Manny. Sit down, sit. That’s a nice game of cards you played. You see how I set ’em up for you? I knew had and you got a better hand. How much was in that pot? About ,? laughs Yeah. Yes. Thank you, thank you for that. What’s this? You didn’t have to. No. You’re a smart boy, Santo. He’s smart, like his father. Smart. Have a good evening. You’re sure makin’ a name for yourself around here. Can you tell me what that’s about? Santo. What? You haven’t been listening to a word I’m sayin’. Can you tell me what’s goin’ on with you lately? Is it Basta, work, what? I’m sorry, what did you say? I was sayin’, for someone who doesn’t wanna be noticed, that stunt you pulled last night with Manny isn’t doin’ you any favors. What stunt? Santo, please, it’s all over town. You made him look like a jackass in front of his whole crew. This just happened last night. So, why didn’t you fold the pot? I couldn’t. What, you’re tryin’ to play Robin Hood? Try not to get yourself killed, okay? Don’t worry, Santo Bastucci. They have to go through me to get to you. soft radio chatter Billy. Go get some ice. I just got ice. Go and get some ice. How you doin’, kid? I haven’t been in this place for years. It never changes. Can I sit? Yeah, of course. Carmine, get me some coffee. So, how you doin’, kid? Everything all right? Your family, work? Yeah, everything’s okay, thank you. sighs Those in’ Yanks. They’re takin’ a pounding. I don’t think they ever took a beatin’ like this ever. Actually, they lost by to Cleveland in . You don’t say? You see. I’m tellin’ ya, I need a guy like you with your talent. Manny, thank you for thinkin’ of me. But, you know, please understand, I’m not like my father. I got a good job at the bank. I try to keep my nose clean, and just make sure that I can take care of my family. Well, we all wanna take care of our family. No, I didn’t mean any disrespect. It’s just Games I don’t think there’s anything I can do for you. Well, let’s say I just hire you in a professional capacity. A banker. You give me some advice every once in awhile, huh? I’ll give you, a week. I help you the way you helped me with Basta. We’re closed. Closed? Really? That’s right. Agent Cahil sighs Maybe just a beer. You heard the man. We’re closed. Okay. See you all around. Manny sighs door clicks open and shut Voiceover Good morning, sir, how are you? soft chatter Hello, welcome to National Merchants Bank. May I help you? Lisa. Why don’t you take a break? I’ll take care of this customer. Sure. This is Anthony Mangone, our branch manager. Zucci, how are you? Father, good to see you. You got somethin’ for me? Matty I do. Santo said to cash these. Okay, good. Come to the office. I just want to celebrate Another day of livin’ I just want to celebrate Another day of life Agent Cahil Santo. horn honks Santo. horn honks horn honks Wow, where you think you’re goin’? Move that piece of . Agent Cahil What, are you goin’ bowling? shouting Santo I’m goin’ to the Feast. Well, you mind if I walk with you? Angry Driver You can’t leave that car in the street like that. Sure. Jack-off. My wife’s got a craving, so I’m gettin’ her some zeppolis, you know. Oh, she’s pregnant, huh? Yeah. So, boy or a girl? No, we wait. Agent Cahil laughs You like surprises, huh? Not really. carnival music Agent Cahil This is great, huh? So much tradition. Santo years. It’s a tight-knit community, isn’t it? Hey, Santo. Can I confide in you? Santo I wish you wouldn’t. chuckles Look. I don’t mean to jam you up. But I know that you were approached by Manny Mistera. And I got my orders. They’re pretty explicit. Mistera’s gotta go down, one way or another. I just don’t want you to be collateral damage. So, what do you say? Do a dozen. Agent Cahil Hey, what do you know. They look just like beignet. What the is a beignet? Agent Cahil laughs I love it. What the is a beignet? bell dings soft music These for me? I’m here to see Manny. Oh yeah, right. Open the bag. Darlin’, falling in love ain’t a game Girl, every man’s life ain’t the same So don’t judge me by guys that you knew He’s on the roof? No, no, he’s in the basement. tense music creeps in Knock yourself out. music grows more unsettling Manny? Manny? distant speaking Voiceover Are you crazy, that’s Perry Como. Santo. Oh, I heard you were comin’. Benny. Come here, come on. Good to see you, you look good. Sit. Everything’s all right? Santo Yeah. Manny Yeah. Sit, sit. Santo I don’t know how to say this, but, well, this is for you. What’s this? That’s to pay Basta’s debt. Wow, wow, wow, hey, hey. Where’d you get this? Benny told me you’re loyal. You’re just like your father. He was the best. Carlo, Carlo speaks in Italian, the best. You know, this life of ours, it’s goin’ into the toilet. The Feds, they’re breathin’ down my neck. You saw, you know. Your father-in-law knows. It’s just a matter of time before somebody flips. And I had to see for myself you are who your father-in-law said you are. And then just like boop, boop, boop, boop, this, you come up with grand to save that piece of Basta’s life. And you thought Benny scammed me when he told me the checks were no good. And you didn’t rat on him, even though you know it might cost you your life. I need that kind of loyalty. What about Basta? Manny mutters What about Basta, what about Basta? He’s in intensive care. I mean, the money’s good, it’s good. And he didn’t deserve that. Deservin’ ain’t got nothin’ to do with it. Basta is stupid and sloppy. And in my business, that gets you clipped. Basta got off easy. He’s out.

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