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go in the right direction. We are following all the lights of the coast. We have been delivered to you, Captain. Hear. I love the sea behind us. Let pushes us until we build something. The storm subsides, which are guided by the lights of the coast. And if we all the way to the tip of Nobska, then so be it. We have to find land. It was a long day, huh? Yes, definitely. But do not lose hope. She’s a good ship. They help us through this. We get home, okay? All we go home. We are behind you, captain. Keep the lights on, as they did. You will soon light. Put the lights, everyone. More light, so they can see. I think we’re about it. The tide has helped us. See that, Richie? Fitz, the spotlight is turned on. Look, you realize? They are? Well done, Bernie. It worked, Webber. Super. Chatham docks at the pier. There are survivors. I repeat: . If so, throw. Well done, Bernie. Help the hen yet. Good to see you. Come here. Quiet. We thought we’d lost. This man is cold. Give me a coat. Go inside. There are hot. We take you to the cottage. Here we go. I have you. Well done, Captain. Well done, Bernie. Bernie. We’re going home. It goes until April ? I asked Cluff for you. He said it was a game is formality. Now I know, huh? What Bernie Webber, Richard Livesey, Andy Fitzgerald and Ervin Maske arrived game on the afternoon of February , game still it considered as the biggest bailout in history, for a small boat. Bernie and Miriam were married at the time they had selected. They remained married for years Bernie’s death at the age of in . The four members of the Coast Guard received the Gold Lifesaving Medal for their actions. The commissioner of ports is a team player. Yay! Then my shipment gets busted? Come on. Ooh! Your shipment was held up because I didn’t get the money. I thought you called it off. Point is, you had a job to do. I have a job to do when I get my game Ooh! Ooh! ls my guy there? Tell him to wait. Wait! He said wait. Antonio, listen, please. If I knew the deal was still on, I would. Put it on speaker, please. ON SPEAKER There. Now I feel like I’m participating. Now, go for it. MUFFLED GUNSHOTS GASPS So, if he didn’t get the money, find out who in my organization stole from me, and kill them. Oh, . Now, my little lovely, where were we? SIRENS WAILING LAUGHTER AND CHATTER I got my eye on our man, Troy. That’s the biggest M-CAT dealer south of Knoxville, right there. We got K in impound cash, and a lieutenant with real trust issues. This could get interesting. Ready, partner? All day, every day. Twice on Sundays. All right, you stay frosty out there, Mayfield. I hear this guy can be trigger happy. Don’t worry. I got your back. BEN: ON EARPIECE I got your back, too, James. Way before he had your back, I had your back. What part of “Stay off the goddamn mic” don’t you understand, Ben? You’re just a beat cop, one month out the academy. You’re lucky I let you shadow us. Copy that. Now shut up. Hey, James, real quick, just before I start shadowing, I don’t know about this Mayfield guy. I mean, he’s big and all, and that’s fine if we trying to start a rap label. But we’re here to be detectives, and you know what you need to be a detective? A big brain. You know what, I’m not convinced that you got a big brain inside that tiny head. So say you. It’s a physiological impossibility. Oh, look who’s breaking out the double-point Scrabble words. All right, everybody just be quiet. And, Ben, stay off the goddamn radio. These are them now, boss. Got what we need? Cash first. SCOFFS Must be a misunderstanding. Look, we can do this two ways, our way or the hard way. Which is our way anyway. TROY: Now, since you put it that way, we got ourselves a deal. . It’s a gun. Zoom in. CHUCKLES Guys, I’m coming out there. I’m coming out there right now. Just sit tight. That’s James’ orders. You don’t know James like I do. That’s the look of needing Ben. He’s shaking with terror! Look at him! That is my partner out there! You hear me? I’m coming in hot! Call it in. Now, why you wanna go and do that? Just hand over that cash and we got ourselves a deal. Now, are you sure you wanna go this route? Oh, I’m sure. CAR HORN PLAYING FANFARE The hell? ENGINE REVVING . One second. Oh, . CAR RATTLING Come on, turn off. God damn it. Stop! LAUGHS MOCKINGLY Did I interrupt something? Huh? MOUTHING What are you doing? Did I break up your party? Funny thing is, I see all these muscle cars but I don’t see no muscle. Boss, you want me to put a slug in this one first? Oh, is that supposed to scare me? Let me ask you a question. Would you be soared if you knew this? GRUNTING Kalaboom. Kalaboom. Kinny. YELLS That’s that Muay Thai kicking back in. Muscle memory. Unconscious. Are you eyeballing me? You sneaking up on me? Because this is all open. Ha! Kick move! Oh. Is that yours? GUNSHOT PEOPLE SCREAMING Mayfield! TIRES SCREECHING I got you, James! Give me your gun. I got him! Foot chase! IN SLOW MOTION Foot chase! JAMES: Hey! Ben! BEN: Everybody move! Police! LAUGHS Damn pig. TIRES SCREECHING Thanks for the ride. GRUNTING TROY: Hold on. ! I’m coming, James! Oh, my God. TIRES SCREECHING Stop! Ben, move! You think I’m playing games with you? SCREAMS JAMES: Move! Oh, no, he didn’t! BEN: James! Watch out! Watch out! Oh, ! Oh! TROY SCREAMING CAR ALARMS BLARING Oh, James. What, did We kill him? Just a little fender bender. Little fender bender, my ass! TROY GROANING Get up! That’s for shooting my partner. What you got here? This looks like more than just drugs. JAMES: Mayfield is out for weeks because of you, and you bring him flowers? It’s a bad choice. Well, I disagree. I’m the only one that got Mayfield something, James. Because you the one that got him shot! Okay, well, listen. I went to the gift shop. They had two choices. He’s not pregnant, so I went with this. I just thought it was a better fit. Just get rid of them. Fine. Hey, man, congratulations. Everybody heard about what you did. JAMES; All right. What do you got? What do you got? Are you gonna head this one? Go, go. Ye . What you got for me? I tried to get into this,

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