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Great. Thank you. But if we’re gonna pull this off, you need to follow everything I say. Okay. I’m kind of the lead agent on this… I’m sorry, are you arguing with me already? If you wanna look like a real dog handler, you have to follow everything I say. Okay. Tomorrow morning. Don’t be late. Okay. Mm-hmm. This is weird. Yes. You about to get trained, boy. door opens Huh. Can you believe all this luxury and excess just because of a dog show? Isn’t this wonderful? The beautiful view, the Snausage and cheese platter, the toilette filled with champagne. toilet flushing Maybe not champagne. No, no, no, no. I don’t do animals on the bed. Come on, get out. Were you always wearing that robe? sighs What are you doing? I am a dog. He is human. This is what nature intended. Not for me. Are you sure you will not join us? Plenty of room for trois. No, thanks. I’m fine on the floor. Always have been and always will be. sighing Oh. announcer Welcome to the Canini Invitational, where we celebrate these noble creatures. Only the top dogs in the world are invited to compete in the Canini… making it the world’s most exclusive canine competition. And only one will leave this weekend as the Canini Invitational’s Best in Show! Number one! Yeah, that’s right. Bow to the king. Did you hear that Misty got fixed last week? Rubber baby buggy bumpers. Rubber baby buggy bumpers. Wait. Butt implants? Golden retriever? Not a real golden. Turns out he wasn’t neutered after all. Toy boat. Stay focused, Janice. Stay focused, Janice. Are you sure we in the right place? Philippe Pourquoi? ‘Cause seeing all these clowns, I could have swore we were backstage at a Cirque du Soleil. With those jokes, you will not make many friends. Excuse me. I’m not here to make friends. I’m here to find enemies, okay? I got hours to make good on a promise I made. Welcome to the Canini, Mr. Upstill. Come on, guys. So how does this work? There are three rounds. In the first, the dogs compete against their own breed. Then, in round two, all the Best of Breed winners compete against each other for Best of Group.

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