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us that we refuse this money and we are calling it in to headquarters. Yes, chief! Who’d want to bribe us? And for what? There’s no letter, there’s no signature. I have no idea what is going on here but I am not taking any chances. Attorney for the CFD on line one, chief. Chief Wallace Boden, Firehouse . Yes, thank you. I have something… That I want to make sure I handle appropriately. If we don’t hear again from the CFD lawyer, I’m going straight from here to headquarters. I’m dropping this box off at her desk at the end of shift and then she can deal with it. That’s good by me. Chief. Is that her? It’s actually the commissioner’s office. Chief Wallace Boden. Yes, ma’am, I understand. Yeah, I’m looking at him right now. We’ll be right over. We’ve been summoned. She decelerated a bit there. Uneven torque on the reverse turn. It affects overall fuel efficiency. It does. Well, pretty hard to improve on perfection, but good luck. I want a turn out on the blue island up to the South Apron and back through the cones. Hey, don’t even think about that turtle enclosure that you backed right into and crushed. You got this, Otis. Any time. Lights and siren… Lights and siren. Ooh! Hey, you got a second? Course. Okay, so you know how everybody’s got two angels on each shoulder, one good, one bad? Well, actually it’s an angel and a devil, but… Right… okay… so you’re the angel and Otis is the devil, which is why I’m coming to you. I need some good advice. ‘Kay. Lay it on me. Ha, uh, okay… So… There’s this girl I went to high school with. I’m well aware. Go ahead. So, she’s married. But… but! It’s one of those things where they’re already talking about divorce and there are no kids involved and the whole thing is pretty much on its last legs. Okay… So we met up for a meal. And at the end… I got the check and that was that. Well, that’s not where I thought this was going. Good, good for you, Jo. Right, except… She said she’s getting a hotel room at the Sofitel and that we should meet there. Relive the old days.

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