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The chair slipped! Come on! No! Agh! Oh! And he cut off my damn ear! Let me see. Ah, Ah! You Andy? Yes, ma’am. You guys got any ice here? In the back. Okay, grab a plastic bag, fill it up with ice, and bring it to me. Okay. You telling me you can take that man’s ear and fix it back on his head. We are going to give it a fighting chance. Okay. All right, can you walk? What? Can you walk? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I can walk. He hasn’t cut my legs off, at least not yet! Yep. Who’s next? Kelly, got a favor to ask. What you got going on this morning? No plans. Do you mind running an errand with me? Need your expertise. Whatever you need. I was talking to Scott from four doors down. You know him? Australian guy, Korean wife. Oh yeah, I like them. He said to me, “You wanna come over “on Saturday and watch the rugby? We’re playing the All Blacks.” I said sounded good but I’d check with you. Is that your Australian accent? Yeah, not bad right? Don’t do it again. Anyway, might be fun. I think it’s going to be a block party. No, baby, we can’t. We’ve got that Bria thing. Remember I told you? Oh, that Saturday? Right, Saturday. I absolutely was paying attention when you said that. Actually can we swing by Bria’s apartment now? I think she’s spinning out. I got to calm her down. Yeah, sure. Good. Hey? Where is she? In her room. I look like that girl from the Adam’s family. No, you don’t. You look beautiful under there. Prom’s in four days. I know. Your Dad told me. Hey, it’s going to be fine. I live for this stuff. Really? ‘Cause I look gross. Have I ever steered you wrong? Come on. First, we’re going to wipe that off and look at the Bria underneath. Because that Bria is going to turn heads when she enters the dance. I promise you that. All my friends at school, they have moms to help. With me, it’s just Dad. He’s even worse at this stuff than I… Well, now you have me. You know I thought about all the ways that I could provide for my daughter while I was in the clinic. I never thought about how to get ready for the prom. Well,

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