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So call her. Well, she’s not picking up. Okay, let’s not jump to the worst conclusion. Well, you know how my brain works. I do, which is why mean to tell you to take a deep breath and wait until you actually make contact with her. Just everything she’s been through… Let’s not forget she’s a teenage girl. Exactly. Come on. Whoa. What’s up? I just got a Facebook message from Delia Cantor. And? When they write my life story, she is the chapter titled “the one who got away.” I don’t like biographies. We went out all of junior year, all of senior year. I thought we were going to get married someday. She got a track scholarship to Kansas; it just kind of… Trailed off after that. She went places and I stayed here. How’s she looking? Hey. She’s married. Yeah. But it’s still pretty cool that she reached out. I’d love to see her. Catch up. Ask her what she’s been doing the last years. Chief. There was a box in there of some old photos. Think they may be yours? Thank you, Connie. It’s a mess in there. I appreciate you cleaning it up. Hey, Bria, it’s Gabby. Can you call me back when you get this? You want to run by her apartment? Should we? Absolutely. Okay, yeah, I’ll… I’ll tell Matt. Hello? Mr. Jamison. Gabby. Bria just called me. She left a message. Yeah, um, about that… I need your help. She… she needs your help. I have no idea what to do. I heard Bria’s dad is here. Well, it turns out Bria does need my help after all, just not the help we were worried about. Meaning what? Meaning girl stuff. She called the right person, I’ll tell you that. Why do I get the feeling you just found a new mission? ‘Cause I did. Just wondering if anyone’s inspected the inside rear tire since I’ve been gone. Pretty standard. Something every driver should know how to do in case, I don’t know, a rock gets wedged in there or something. Pretty dangerous. You know, it’s funny, when I stepped into driving duties at a moment’s notice and was well prepared and totally ready, I noticed that many of the lug nuts on the left side of were loose.

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