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Well, actually, I… I just knew the sooner that I could get everyone back to treating Otis the way that we always did, the better. I figured, mixing it up with him was the best way to get Herrmann and Mouch back to normal. Huh. Double well-played, then. You know what? Would you like to drive the truck one last time before you hand over the keys? Yeah. Hey, Connie. When Mr. Joseph Pittman arrives at the firehouse, will you be sure… To get him this box? He must have misplaced it. Got it. It’s too bad, Chief. Could have made a nice down payment on that boat you wanted. I already bought it. No. Yeah. No! Oh, yeah! Really? Yep! I spent too much time back pedaling from the future, instead… I’m just going to get to living life. Well, hell, if living life is you, me, and Casey fishing on the lake this summer, you count me in. You can be sure of that. Oh, my… Oh, wow. You look awesome. You must be Donovan? Yes, ma’am. It’s nice to meet you. Pleasure, Bria just about to… Honey, you look amazing. Thank you. You do. You really do. Doesn’t she? Oh! Okay. So… Matt and I thought maybe you guys could arrive at the dance in a way you’ll never forget. Ha! Your chariot arrives! Oh, my God. Thank you. Oh, my god! This is the best. So, this is my last ride for a while, ladies and gentlemen, so you better believe we are going to get the siren going. Whoo! All right? Bye, sweetheart! Have fun! Bye, have fun! Come on, come on! Now what do you say? I say .. I do what you say. Now I ain’t going to argue with you no more. Are we in, or are we in? You’re in. –. Better luck today. Give me your number. I shoot fifty cents. I’m going to win the pot this time. I’ll take two bits-worth of arithmetic. Not bad. Hey, not bad at all. I’d say we were a couple of lucky guys. And I wouldn’t give you no argument. Hello, sweethearts. A nice day, isn’t it. Yeah .. isn’t it. Hello, Chief. This is Tony. Yeah. It’s all settled. Acello has declared us in. Yeah. They are taking orders now. Not giving them. As I say, our new enterprise is working out very nicely.

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