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Get up! It’s the Herr Kommandant! Herr Kommandant? Bring that light a bit closer. What’s happened, sir? He’s unconscious. Someone must have hit him on the head. Herr Kommandant. Herr Kommandant. Why didn’t you know about this, you fool? Oh gee. Oh boy. My head’s like the inside of a beehive. Talk about pile drivers. Woo. What’s happened? Journalist slugged by guerrillas! American flag insulted! Where’s that phony Voldenschatz? He started it! Alarm bell! Turn out the guard. Telephone Berlin! Gentlemen, my apologies, I don’t understand. I’ll get you a car to take you to Berlin. Voldenschatz! Ah, you oughta be pasted to the wall. Here, snap out of it fellas and get into these pants. The gentleman, who could forsee it? The gestapo telephoned! Ah, you give me five minutes with a trans Atlantic telephone and there won’t be gestapo. Gentlemen, I apologize. Ah, save it! How could a simple sort of man like myself imagine that instead of attempting to rescue your father Tomorrow as I expected you to do after you had so carefully examined my papers, you would rescue him today? What do you mean? What do you mean? Your acting is very clever, but I’m getting a little bored with it. Your accomplice may have rescued your father, but please remember that you are still here. My father’s escaped? Yes, astounding, isn’t it? Herr Reich Minister, Steinhof is here. Bring him in. Take her in there. Good evening. And you are the man who has just been bluffed by this obvious hoax? The gestapo must hold itself responsible. For what? For the incompetence and ity of the Ministry of Propaganda? Voldenschatz. Couldn’t any of you have checked up on his story? We are not policemen. Unfortunately. Would you recognize the man if you saw him again? I have an excellent memory for faces, thank you. I may give you an opportunity to prove it before long. Marx! Ah, Marx, that archaeologist. Professor Smith? Yes, Professor Smith, I want to see him here at once. Bring him! But he’s– Do you want me? Did you want to see me? Yes. That’s odd, because I wanted to see you. Come in here. Thank you. I’m so lad to find you’re not busy because I’ve been doing a little research work. That’s just what I wanted to do. On the identity of Shakespeare. I’d like to know how you spent this afternoon? What’s the matter with you? You seem upset. I spent the afternoon at the library at the Embassy. Now this, this proves conclusively that Shakespeare wasn’t really Shakespeare at all. No? No. He was the Earl of Oxford. Now you can’t pretend that the Earl of Oxford was a German, can you? Now, can you? No, no. Well, there you are. Herr General, how much longer am I to stand here? Have you anything to say to me? Please, we have a visitor. I think you have met Professor Smith. No, good day. Goodbye. But you have met Herr Voldenschatz. Voldenschatz? Do you know Voldenschatz? No. Should I? Bah. Anyway, I didn’t come here to discuss Shakespeare. If you want me, you know where I am. The Earl of Oxford was a very bright Elizabethan light, but this book will tell you he was a good deal more than that. I owe you an apology, Professor. Can you spare me a few moments longer? With pleasure. Here’s somebody who will recognize you. Come in, Miss Coles. Ah. The young lady who asks questions. But doesn’t answer them. Professor Smith. That was a remarkable affair this afternoon. Oh, have I missed something? Five prisoners escaped from Grosberg. Oh splendid, splendid. Oh, I beg your pardon, how annoying for you. By a strange coincidence, Miss Coles’ father was among them. Well, congratulations Miss Coles. Just so. A few days ago this young lady called here and obtained some secret information. She then went straight to your excavations. Well why not? We welcome visitors. You must come one day. Do you deny having received that information? Really, General von Graum. Because if the person who received it is not punished, the person who gave it will be. Well, Miss Coles? Which is it to be? What exactly do you want to know? Just the name of the person to whom you gave that information. I gave it to no one. Then you will be court marshaled tomorrow on a charge of espionage, and you know that for that there is only one penalty in German law. What’s that? The state execution of… Oh yes, of course. I’d forgotten, you’ve gone back to the ax of the Middle Ages. But we wear modern dress. White gloves, white tie. White waistcoat? The dress of an English gentleman at a dinner, a French gentleman at a weddin, and a German gentleman– Yes, Herr Professor? At a murder. That’s good, Herr Professor, I must remember that. Excuse me. Hold on. My dear child, to a man of peace like myself all this seems incredible. But in your own interest if you do know anything, wouldn’t it be wiser to speak? Take her away. May I say a word? General von Graum, you appear to regard me with some suspicion. First of all you confront me with an individual who is supposed to identify me as something or other but refuses to do so. Next you threaten the life of this young lady on the presumption that I shall make a gallant gesture and declare myself

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