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Oh no, no, I don’t think so. Would you look at that? Another robotic dog that looks just like Robo-Dog. What are the odds? Barry, he’s the guy we showed the flyers to. Oh. He’s the Robo-Dog-napper. Oh! Come on, we gotta go get him. Of course. Does that mean I have to run again? Yes, we know his address. Let’s go. Can we hang this now, Daddy? Yeah, yeah, sure. I got hammer and nails in my office. I’ll go get them! My name is Tyler Austin, and this is my best friend in the whole world, Robo-Dog. Robo-Dog is the best, and I can’t imagine ever being apart. Did you find the hammer and nails? What’s this? What? This video. Oh. You stole him! No, I didn’t steal him. I found him and then I fixed him. You said you got him for me. Not technically. What do you mean? Look, sweetheart, it’s complicated. You lied to me! Is Tyler my real owner? Yeah. Yeah he is. And my name isn’t Mr. Sparky? No. It’s Robo-Dog. Why did you do it? I didn’t mean to. I was just Radio Things just got out of hand. I only wanted to make her happy. But you didn’t though. You made her sad. I know. These belong to you. What do you say we call your family and get you home? I believe he belongs to you. Hello, Tyler. Robo-Dog, you remember me. Affirmative. My memory has returned. I am so sorry about all of this. He came to me pretty banged up, and by the time I fixed him, my daughter thought I got him for her, and everything just spiraled out of control. Where’d you say you got a robotic dog? Amazon. Makes sense. Yeah. Come on, Robo-Dog, let’s go. Excuse me, Tyler, before I go, I’d like to say goodbye to Mira. I’m sure she’d like that. Sure. Go ahead. Mira, I came to say goodbye. Mira, honey, come on. Say goodbye to Robo-Dog. Oh no. It appears that Mira has run away, and I believe I know where. Can you show me where she went? Affirmative. I am detecting the heat imprints of her tracks. Wow, I didn’t know you could do that. After you replaced my memory chip, I was able to recover all my lost abilities. My sensors indicate she is very close. Good work, Robo-Dog. Shes in there? Brave girl. Mira, are you up there? I am picking up a small reading on my Radio You really think that’s her? I believe that it is. Hey, honey, why don’t you come down, okay? Go away! Honey, I Radio Sweetheart, please come down, okay, we can talk about this. No, I’m mad at you. I know you are. I know you’re mad, and I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have misled you, but I won’t do it again. Don’t come up here! Just come on down. Why should I? Mira, no, hey! Mira! Get away from the ledge. Hang on! Don’t go anywhere! Don’t move! Mira! Mira, get away from the ledge! Do you promise to never lie again? Yeah, absolutely. Say you promise! I promise. I promise. Now just give me your hand. Honey. Okay, I’ll come down. Mira, honey. Mira! Mira! Mira! Don’t fall! Hold on! Hold on, I got you! I got you! Mira! I’ve got you! Yeah, go Robo-Dog! Wow. Need a lift? Wow, I’m flying. Affirmative, although technically I’m not supposed to. Good job, Robo-Dog! Let’s bring you back to your dad. Daddy! Oh, I got you. I got you. I flew, Daddy. You did. You did fly, honey. Thank you, buddy. It was my pleasure. Uh-oh. Whoa! Robo-Dog! Robo-Dog, are you okay? Robo-Dog, stay with me. Come on, come on, buddy. Wake up! Hmm? What happened? You crash landed, but Mr. Perry was able to fix you. It was no big deal. He had a little gyro issue. I took care of it. Thank you, Carson. No, I should be thanking you. I almost lost my little girl. You guys have a pretty amazing dog here. Yeah. Yeah we do. Technically it’s not mine, but I did help name him. Anyway, I’m really sorry for everything. Is there any way you could forgive me? Of course we can. Anything I could do to make up for it? I have a suggestion. What’s that? I would ask that you be Mira’s best friend. Play tea party with her, dance with her, and most of all, love her. I could do that. And ice cream! And ice cream, yes. Goodbye, Mr. Sparky, I mean, Robo-Dog. Mira, you can call me Mr. Sparky anytime you want. I’m gonna miss you so much. I am going to miss you too. Please tell Theodora and Frogerina that I said goodbye. I will. I bet one day Robo-Dog will come back and visit and we can have one giant tea party, all of us. Would you like that? Yeah. That would be great! Can I, Tyler? Of course. We can come visit sometime. This is all sweet and wonderful and but we gotta be in New York in a couple of hours and I don’t know how we’re gonna get there. I do. You do? Whoa! Oh boy! Oh boy! Whoa! Wow. Oh boy, oh boy! Are you guys okay? Yes, just please be careful. So none of this? Woo woo! No, none of that! Look, there it is! We’ll be there soon, Tom! I can see everyone’s house from here! I wonder if my cellphone works. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for coming today. I appreciate that. Where are you? You and Barry promised me you’d be here in time for my speech. I’m really starting to get worried. Everything okay? Oh, yeah, Dr. Rants, perfect. Jiminy jumper nuts! Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce to you, inventor extraordinaire and creator of Robo-Dog, Mr. Tom Austin! Thank you, Dr. Rants, for that flattering introduction. Thank all of you. You, people who, well, I have admired my entire life. If I had to make a list of people that I most wanted to impress in my life, these faces would be on it. Whew! I’ve dreamed of being in a room like this. Dr. Rants, I have to be honest, I was supposed to have my invention Robo-Dog here tonight, but in fact, he’s Radio Did somebody say my name? Right there! Hey, Tom! Greetings, I am Robo-Dog. Thank you all for being here today. I’m glad I could join you Crisis Management Center Conference Room Stairs The PM has returned. Fifth Floor Hallway Aqua-Line rupture is unconfirmed. Prime Minister and attendants Never mind the details. Any fatalities? No. Then leave it to the guys below. There’s secondary disaster risk. I’ve canceled your meeting.There’s a briefing in five minutes. Understood. Fifth Floor Office What are the cases for it being some undersea thermal discharge? Briefing for the Prime Minister Sekiguchi, Minister of Science An unidentified nuclear sub meltdown? Hanamori, Minister of De fence Impossible. The bay is too shallow for a submarine. Yanagihara, Minister of Transportation We believe it to be a magma steam. A new undersea volcanic eruption. Excuse me, Minister Yanagihara. The epicenter is shallowand appears to be just steam. We’re confident it’s not volcanic activity. Really? Then tell me sooner. A new, large hydrothermal vent? That must be it. A vent directly above the tunnel? Past geological surveys rule that out. Kanai, Minister of Disaster Management An oversight, perhaps? Prime minister. Something’s on the sea floor. Seiji Okochi, Prime Minister Some “thing”? Like what? A colossal creature.There’s even footage online. Preposterous. A big whale spouting? The sea is boiling. What creature hasa temperature over degrees? Kono, Minister of Internal Affairs We’ve been scouring online videos. We’ve yet to find any conclusive evidence. Azuma, Chief Cabinet Secretary Time is a wasting.

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