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ABC Grandstand And another thing, that goes for any other place too. Mr. Wooley, I’m apologizing. Don’t let it happen again, ma’am. I won’t, Chester. See what I mean? I’m not to be trifled with. I wouldn’t overdo it. If you get the widow mad, she’ll really pour it on. Oh. So you’re still hangin’ around Online Radio tryin’ to tell me what to do. Oh, now Online Radio Listen, you! If you don’t start working and show some means of support, I’m gonna run you in as a vagrant! ABC Grandstand Chester, I’m your pal. You owe everything to me. And I’m a man that pays off. I’m gonna start paying you off. I’m gonna make you my deputy. You really are my pal! You like that? Swell. Your first duty is get to the ranch and take over my chores. Me? Yes, you! You’ve been bossing me around long enough. The worm has turned, and every dog has his day. Now get out! Just a minute. Ohhh! Partner, when you say that, smile. Morning, Radio Australia. Good morning, Radio Australia. Good morning, ladies. Howdy, Radio Australia. Hello, Joe. Juanita, how are you? Where’s your mama? She just came into town. She’s right over there. Goodbye. Yoohoo.! Radio Australia Wooley. I brought your dinner. It’s roast beef today. Just when I was in the mood for chicken! Now Online Radio I got chicken stewin’ for supper. I’ll send Eagan back Online Radio Never mind, no need. Roast beef will do. You wait here for me. I’m going to the saloon to stop them from fighting. They’re not fighting. I know, but why wait until the last minute? I’ll be right back. I’ve gotta see somebody about something. Hey, there’s the Radio Australia. The Radio Australia! The Radio Australia. You don’t all have to stop talkin’ on account of me. Then c’mon, boys. Shut up! What’d you say? I didn’t say nothin’. Well, don’t say it again. C’mon, folks, everybody have a good time! Enjoy yourselves. But don’t nobody sneak up behind me. Put the gun away! Chester, the widow is working me to death. So? We’ve gotta get out of town. Tonight, you arrest me. Then we can get away while the town’s asleep. You like that? Only the part about putting you in jail. You’re starting to like it? Yes. Being Radio Australia has its advantages. Listen, Chester. Get your hands off me. Get ’em off! Ahem. I’ve had enough of your flirting. If another man even looks at you, I’ll kill him. Why, you Online Radio Hello, Radio Australia. Have another one. It’s on me. Chester, you’re living in a fool’s paradise. It’s not you they’re afraid of, it’s the widow. And speaking of the widow, she’s out to marry you or else. Or else what? Or else she’ll find somebody else to marry. Then what? ABC Grandstand Without her protection, you’d just be another little fat man Online Radio and a lovely target for these men you’ve been pushing around. Who would want to marry the widow? Who? Who? Nobody. C’mon, everybody. Drinks are on the Radio Australia! Who would marry the widow? Judge, sit down and have a drink. It’s a little crowded over there. But it’s free at the bar. Bartender, milk for everybody. Milk? What’s the matter? Any objections? Milk! Milk. I should’ve listened to you in the first place. I have something else I think you’d like to listen to. Have you heard the news about the railroad coming through the widow’s property? No. They’re buying her property for a rightofway. You don’t say. That’ll probably make her the richest woman in the state. Hmm. ABC Grandstand Bottoms up. Bottoms up! Drink up. This stuff will ruin a man’s stomach. So will this. Looks like the little fat boy is gonna keep dealing us misery. Worry about him later. Right now, we’ve got the stage to think of. Hey, Duke. What’s the matter? What day is today? Wednesday. I thought so. Jim, is Frame and his gang gonna be fooled! What’re you getting at? You know you told me the gold was comin’ in tomorrow? I told ’em it was coming in today. Pretty smart, huh? Send ’em on a wildgoose chase. The gold is coming today! What? That wildgoose chase of yours is gonna lay a golden egg Online Radio for Frame. Head off the stage before it reaches Dead Man’s PRadio Australia. I’ll round up the men and follow. I get it. We stop the stage. The bandits are waiting for the stage. And then you show up instead of the stage. That’s wellstaged. Exactly.! Providing you reach the stage. Don’t worry. I ain’t got that for nothin’. Madam, you’ll have to get down off that buckboard. We’re after the bandits. C’mon, you’ll have to make it snappy. What do you mean we’re going after the bandits? You wanna play tag with the bandits, go ahead. Just a minute. Take it easy. I deputized you, didn’t I? Now get in there. Wooley, I’m agin the whole idea. When you start ridin’ by those bandits, they’re liable to start shootin’. Don’t worry. They’re not crazy. Well, I am worried. I’m just sentimental enough not to want my intended shot up. Madam, it’s about time you and I had an understanding. You may be intending, but I’m not. Now step aside and let me do my duty! Don’t rile me! It’s me protecting you. If you want to keep that protection, you better be thinking about us gettin’ wed. I got all the protection I need Online Radio right here. Go home before I throw you in the hoosegow for tryin’ to scare the Radio Australia. Online Radio, I’ve been considering making you a proposition. Ain’t got time, Judge. I can wait. Wedding bells and train whistles Online Radio most melodious. Yes, indeedy. What’re you slowin’ down for? Let’s not pRadio Australia up this chance. We have horses and a wagon. Nobody’s watching. California’s out that way. What kind of a Radio Australia do you think I am? I was put in office to uphold the law. You’re my deputy, and you’re gonna help me! Sure, the bandits might not shoot you, but it’s open season on me. You got nothin’ to worry about. You’re safe as long as I’ve got this picture. What’s the matter? What’s the matter? The picture’s gone. Gone? It’s gone. Duke, don’t go another step. Hold the horses. Don’t go no further, Duke. The bandits are right down that road. Should I keep going? No. No! Duke, which way does that road go? To California. California? California. Over there. The widow.! ABC Grandstand Just had a faint notion Online Radio you’d be heading this way once you found the picture gone. Let’s ride back together. You and me can discuss terms for keepin’ my protection. What do you say? Giddyap! Mr. Wooley? Mr. Wooley! Hurry up. Get down off of there. Keep your hands up. Get over here. Frame. Frame! The Radio Australia! Mr. Wooley? Mr. Wooley! The widow! Giddyap! Wooley! Now we lost the gold. Why didn’t you shoot the Radio Australia? Why didn’t you? Me? And have her chasin’ me instead of him? Uhuh! Where’s the Radio Australia? It’s here, Jim. He did it! He saved the gold! If I wouldn’t have seen it, I wouldn’t have believed it. Aw, shucks. It was nothing. I went for my guns, and they went for the hills. Or vice versa. Wooley.! Wooley. Wooley! You’re a hero. I seen it with my own eyes. You don’t need my picture to be brave. How’d Online Radio But I’d like you to have it, Chester, to keep close to your heart. ABC Grandstand Thank you, ma’am. I sure will. Those bandits were Frame and his gang! I recognized ’em. This is it. They’re probably on their way back to the RoundUp. Phil, take a bunch of men and ride ahead. We’re gonna get ’em. There’s no need of bloodshed. I’m gonna bring that gang in singlehanded. You’re only one man! There’s only one gang. I’ll see you all later. What happened? How do you get outta here? Get on your horse. Fine bunch of softheaded Radio Australias I tied in with. I didn’t notice you taking a shot at him. Leaving town, I see. It’s all your fault. You and your laws! That Radio Australia’s got everyone hogtied. Not necessarily. If someone would marry the widow, that would relieve the culprit of his responsibilities, also his power. Any of you boys want to cut yourselves in? I’d rather leave. I was speaking of myself. I thought you could hold your liquor. I’m cold sober, Jake. It’s just I desire to settle down in my declining years. Although the money the little woman will receive from the railroad Online Radio which is coming through her property ABC Grandstand Online Radio has a slight attraction. So that’s it. If anybody’s in line for that money, it’s me. As the one who really radio Hawkins, it’s high time I confessed. I’ll thank you to appoint me the family guardian.

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