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Recommend a social worker, ship her out. You make a good point about the fever, but I don’t think it’s heroin. Doesn’t matter. You heard what she said. Doesn’t change the management of the case. Yeah, but we need to know. We should run a tox screen. There’s no “we” here. You heard what Rorish said. She also said trepidation is a deadly quality. I’m already on her bad side. There’s nothing in this for me. Except maybe saving a patient’s life. Malaya, whatever you’re doing, log out, follow me. You’re gonna love this. Sounds exciting. Clearly, you don’t speak the native tongue of my people… Sarcasm. Come on. Hey, come on. Hold your arm up just like this. Angus. Yep? Guthrie wants you. He’s with the stroke patient. Malaya can finish the cast. Wait. Guthrie’s gonna let him administer the tPA? And I’m gonna do a nurse’s job? A nurse’s job? I didn’t mean it. You want to be part of a team, Malaya, no job is too big, no job is too small. Dr. Leighton, go now, please. Yep. Arm up. Come on. I won’t go, either. That’s ridiculous. I didn’t mean it. Of course I’m going. Wait. What’s up with skater boy? He’s, uh… Just sleeping it off. Great. Go. tPA has a short window. How soon will we know if it worked? Just takes a few seconds… When it works. Come on, baby. Show us the magic. Mr. Cleery. I want you to try and speak. Love you. Yes. Abracadabra. That’s why we’re here, young squire. Never forget that. Take it easy! Take it easy! No! No! No! -year-old male, breathing labored, possible allergic reaction. He didn’t eat or drink anything out of the ordinary. Uh, where are you from? Norway. Uh, Center Stage. Your son has a collapsed lung. We’re gonna help. How could you know that? If a Norwegian kid can’t breathe, it’s a pneumothorax. It’s a genetic predisposition. Can someone run another I.V. for me, please? I’m all out of nurses. I got it! My girl. Okay, watch his head. Ready? Back him up, back him up. What’s your son’s name? Basti… Short for “Sebastian.” Okay, Basti. I need you to look at me. Need a mask. Step it out. Step it out.

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