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They want you, not me. No. You’re the doctor they want. I’m the doctor they need. Fun stuff, but I just got a text that people just checked in while we were having this little menage, so if nobody’s taking their clothes off, I need you both back down on the floor now. Neal, your patient. You were a little rough on him, huh? We’re not their friend, their family, or their shrink. We’re their doctor. He gets confused. He’s not confused. He cares… about you, about them. And for that, you have only yourself to blame. __ Fall off your board? The rail was sketchy. I think it’s broken. I can feel bones crunching around in there. You high right now? Why? You want some? Cute. Come on. You’re only as good as your wait time out here. You want to love your patients, fine… thank you… But you better love the ones out here just as much, because they may need you more. Angus Leighton. Malaya Pineda. Wait. You’re Mike Leighton’s brother? He talked about you. You know him? I was just a med student when he was a resident, but everyone knew Mike. He’s a superstar. He crapped his bed in summer camp. He was , but it counts. We separate them into three categories of acuity… E.S.I.-, , and . E.S.I.- is critical. Bullet wound, heart attack. The is rough, but it’s not death’s door… Pneumonia, blood clot. E.S.I.-… meh. The flu, migraine, minor laceration. Are we gonna be seeing our own patients today? For now, you’ll be taking light cases and assisting the attendings unless that board says “code black,” in which case, half of L.A. is in this room, and then all bets are off. Doctors. -year-old male. Started speaking gibberish at dinner. Bay number . He’s gonna need tPA. Dr. Leighton. tPA. I think he needs tPA. I didn’t ask, but I’m sure Dr. Guthrie will be thrilled. Follow him and try not to kill anyone. Dr. Rorish, I’d really like to observe that case, too. How nice for you. Waiting for a formal invitation? Go… now. I’m gonna need you at dispatch. I got two coming in, one critical. Dr. Hudson’s on his way down now to meet you.

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