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let’s move him. Gurney. Get him up. Okay, guys, let’s go! Go, go! Move it, move it. Move aside. You think Dr. Rorish ignores you because she doesn’t trust you? It’s just the opposite. She knows you’re good. She’s testing the rest of us. And I don’t think I’m gonna pass that test. What are you talking about? You know your stuff, dude. You just… need confidence. You asked how I got in. Our dad is on the hospital board. My brother never told anyone. He thought people wouldn’t take him seriously. Wouldn’t matter anyway. He was born for this. I am not like him, though. Then what are you doing here? I hated psych. Hated it. I wanted something more exciting. I wanted what Mike had. So when my dad said he could get me in here, I jumped at it. Big mistake. Did you know that they opened this place up in ? Light bulbs weren’t bright enough back then, so they put in all these big windows so they could see what they were doing. Imagine that. Hell of a night for you two. Started off saving a life, ended up almost killing someone. Two people, actually. I missed an epidural hematoma. I missed it, too. Hm. Know what that sounds like to me? A typical night in this joint. You did good. So did you. We’ve got her mom in the hyperbaric chamber, oxygenated her. She’s gonna make it. Thank God. Can I ask you something personal? Why are you here? Pardon? Med school, internship, and now the most punishing residency in the country. Most people do that in their s. What made you decide… My son died. Stage glio. You learn a lot when your kid gets sick. So I thought maybe I should make it official. I got into med school… And here I am. In my experience, tragedy either softens you or hardens you. For me, it was the former. For you, I suspect… it was the latter. You spend enough time in group therapy sessions, you start to recognize it. Who’d you lose? Everyone. You better go home and get some sleep. You’ve got a shift tonight. I do? Hi, Ariel. Hi. And you must be Aunt Linda. So nice to meet you in person. Thank you for this. Mm-hmm. You ready?

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