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I’ll wait for you right here. Thank you. Hi. I’m Vanessa. I’m Ariel. I like your room. Thanks. You can come closer if you want. It’s okay. Can you hear it? Yeah. I can hear it. I hear you, daddy. I hear you. You got to be kidding me. Every ventilator I.C.U. can spare. Got an apartment fire. We got in so far. Burns, smoke inhalation, broken bones, There was a fisherman. And he was pulling at his nets.. And it was a normal day. And? And what? What was she? What was she? Was she a mermaid? No, She wasn’t a mermaid. Was she a Selkie then ? What is a Selkie ? A kind of a sailor-woman. You can hear them singing on a Seal Rock. Who told you that? The teacher. She comes out of the sea. Losses her seal-coat. Lives on land, Until the sea to call her back. She did not had a seal-coat. What ever that is… She seems to remember drowning. And? And… That’s it. That is a really shit story. Yeah, Maybe. Remember that thing we ordered from the C.R.C ? What thing? Wait till I show you. Now… You should rest as much as possible. Until we sort you out. Oke. You got wheels now, Annie. Look at this, Alex. Does not do bumps. Did your daddy buy you that ? No, The C.R.C. As, I guest. How is the fishing, Circus? It is Syracuse. Syracuse, How is the fishing ? Same, See you. When? Tomorrow. So, Did you see the doctor ? He wasn’t there. That’s because you where late you fool. Clown. Yeah, Ya clown. He did not do any tests, Circus. She needs a kidney. Something about..What was that word? Compatibility. O, You understand what that means ? It has to be the right fit. Blood-group, You flipping clown. You had to ask him, To use. Goodbye. Still here? You thought, I would be gone. No, But, I dreamt it. That you fished me from the water ? Something like that. So, You are still dreaming now? That is my mothers coat. Sorry. I had to wash my dress. Doesn’t suite the dream. No ? No. She was large. My Mom. And kind of an strange. Strange ? Yes, was not like you. I can be strange. So can the most of us. Going fishing? Yes. I thought, I might catch another. Another.. Girl like me ? Yes. Maybe the sea is full of them. Can, I come with..? No. Why? I, thought you wanted not to be seen. I, Can hide again. Only bad luck. A girl an a boat? For the fishing. Have you been having good luck lately? No. Okee, Then. Get in. What was that song you where singing ? Just a song. But you remember it? Must have. Do you remember your name? You can call me Ondine. That’s nice What does it mean? She came from the water. Ondine means: She came from the water. No. Ondine was the girl that came from the water. When? Long time ago. Want to help? Move that over there. Over there. They are empty. So, They are. Did someone get it out then? I, hope not. My God. What? Are u playing games with me? No, I’m not. What did you just do? I , sang. Yeah, I know. Come down here. Sing again would you? You bring me luck. Luck? I , Haven had much. Everyone needs luck. You do. But not everyone gets it. Maybe it is your turn. That would be nice. Right. Come over here. Help me… Right. Put one between your legs.

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