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I can’t do this. Yes, you can. You’ve done an O.B. rotation. You’ve witnessed plenty of these. Take a deep breath for me, sir. Christa, make sure the patient stays unconscious. Uh, no danger there. Okay. Get ortho ready to go. Our friend Wayne here is gonna need an O.R. right after. After what? Susie, I need you on his pelvis. Make sure he doesn’t slide. Jesse. Need you over here for a sec. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! B.P. dropping! Jesse, get back. I need Jesse back, damn it. Okay. You got that? Everybody ready? Ready for what? Hold him. One, two, three. Pulse is dropping. Okay, then we got to move fast. To still have a chance to save both of them. Christa, I need you to start with an abdominal incision beginning at the umbilicus and straight down to the pubic symphysis. Whoa! I need a clean up in aisle . You need to cut through all five layers of the abdominal wall, including the peritoneum. I’ve got this. Get this cleaned up. What is that noise? Ignore it. Vitals? Pressure dropping. Pulse… . It’s okay. Stay focused. Start your incision now. Christa, right under the abdominal wall, you’re gonna see something shiny. That’s not the uterus. It’s the bladder. Careful not to nick it. You’re gonna want to reflect it distally, get it out of your way. Okay, vitals are dropping. Yeah, I’m almost there. Leanne? Almost there. Okay. Pulse is dropping. Leanne, he’s herniating! I know. Almost. Uterus is exposed. Hang on. “Hang on”?! Almost got it. Is he draining yet? Come on. Come on. Almost there. I got it! Okay, get it in. Heart rate normalizing. Pupils… Reactive. All right, Christa, time to make the vertical incision in the uterus. Watch the lateral vessels. Oh, God. Oh! Okay. Now, this is gonna happen very quickly. I want you to reach your hand inside as fast as you can, carefully feel for the baby. When? Have you made the cut yet? Yes. Now! Now! All right, I think I can feel it. Okay. I got it. Oh! I got her! She’s so beautiful! Oh, I got her. Oh, my gosh. Okay, kids, we got one open in O.R. Mine’s stable. You should go. All right,

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