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of your voyage on the Avalon, a Homestead Company Starship Good morning one and all. It’s a beautiful morning here on the Starship Avalon. Whatever you do don’t get homesick, get Homestead. Let start with an ensemble, one of my favorite back on Earth. Just call me Radio call me Jim. You got a cool jacket. Hello, Passengers. Will you all please take a seat. Welcome, Learning group . Your introduction to colonial life. Earth is a prosperous planet. The cradle of civilization. But for many, it’s also overpopulated. Over-priced. Overrated. I’m sorry, I think I maybe in the wrong Radio No questions until the end, please. Oh, sorry. The Colonies offer an alternative. A better way of life. Where are all the other Radio And there’s no colony more beautiful than Homestead II, the Jewel of the Occupied Worlds. It’s fine. Where IS everybody? We’re all on the Starship Avalon. But I’m the only one here. There are , passengers and crew members. So why am I alone? We’re all in this together. Hello? Anybody here? Hello? Please buckle up and secure any loose items. This elevator will experience a momentary lapse in gravity. Grand Concourse. Welcome to the Grand Concourse aboard the Avalon, can I help you? I need to talk to a person. A real live person, please. What sort of person? Personal trainer? Travel planner? Therapist? I don’t know. Somebody in charge. The Ship Steward handles passenger affairs. It’s on level of the Grand Concourse. Thank you. Happy to help! Not good. Hello! Who’s flying the ship? The flight crew, the Captain, the Pilot, the Chief Navigator Radio I want to talk to the Captain. The Captain rarely handles passenger queries directly. It’s an emergency, please. The Captain is usually found on the Bridge, in the Command Deck. Bridge access requires special authorization. Bridge access requires special authorization. You got to be kidding me. Welcome to the Observatory. What can I show you? We’re supposed to land soon, I’m Radio I’m the only one awake. I don’t understand. What can I show you? Show me Homestead II. Homestead II is the th planet in the Bhakti system. Right. And where are we? We’ve been transit from Earth to Homestead II. We will arrive in approximately years. What? We arrive at Homestead II in years, weeks and day. No. Wait. How long ago did we leave Earth? Approximately years ago. I woke up too soon. Hello. How do I send a message to Earth? Interstellar messages are sent by laser array. This is an expensive service. Bite me. Happy to help! Planet and connection? Earth. The HomeStead Company. There are , contacts listed under “HomeStead Company.” I’m emigrating to Homestead II. I have an emergency. I have a Customer Help Line. Sounds about right. Begin message. Hi. I’m Jim Preston. I’m a passenger on the Avalon. And uh Radio I think something went wrong with my hibernation pod. I woke up too soon. And I mean Radio way too soon. Nobody else is awake. And Radio I don’t know how to get back to sleep. And the thing is, there’s years to go. At this rate, I’m Radio I’m sorry, I’m trying to fix this. I Radio Maybe I missed something. I could use a hand. That’s all. Thank you. Message sent. Outstanding. Message will arrive in years. Wait, what? Earliest reply in years. years. We apologize for the delay. That will be $ dollars. Afternoon. Oh man. It’s good to see another face. I thought I was the only one awake! Who want’s to sleep on a beautiful day like this? Oh, I mean we’re in trouble, we’re not suppose to be here. Well, I won’t tell if you don’t. Huh? Our little secret. What can I get for you? What? You look like a whiskey man. Okay. Oh, you’re a robot. Android, technically. Arthur’s the name. Jim. Please to meet you, Jim. How much do you know about this ship? I don’t know. I know some things. What do I do if my hibernation pod malfunctions? Oh. Hibernation pods are fail-safe. They never malfunction. Yeah, well, I woke up early. Can’t happen. How long until we get to Homestead II? About years or so. And when are all the passengers supposed to wake up? Not until the last months. How is it that I’m sitting here with you with years to go? It’s not possible for you to be here. But I am. Good morning, it’s a beautiful day here on the Avalon. So wake up, sunshine. It’s time to relax and enjoy your stay. Please make a selection. Sorry. The Mocha Cappuccino Extreme is reserved for gold-class passengers. Sorry. The Mocha Cappuccino Extreme is reserved for gold-class passengers. I want the Mocha Cappuccino Extreme, bill my room please. Food can be purchase in the ship’s Radio Sorry. The French Roast Radio Sorry. The Pumpkin Spice Radio Sorry. Vanilla Chai Radio Sorry. Sorry. Sorr Radio Sorr Radio Sorry. Large coffee. Please enjoy your coffee. Cream. Sugar. Oh, really? HIBERNATION POD Crew Pod access requires special authorization. TRANSPORT CONTROL FAILURE TRANSPORT CONTROL FAILURE ELEVATOR_B TRANSPORT CONTROL FAILURE ELEVATOR_B CRITICAL ERROR Please Radio Level Radio Grand Concourse. I’m screwed, Arthur. Completely and ridiculously screwed. Come on, now. Every cloud has a silver lining.

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