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No, it’s okay. I’m finished. And don’t worry, I won’t disappear into the bog. The bog’s in me, silly. What? Can’t a man watch his wife get undressed? ABC Jazz It’s new. That’s very observant. Oh, no, leave it on. It’s pretty. I might let you borrow it. I might enjoy that. Is there something you’d like to tell me? Is there something you’d like to know? No. I’m your wife. I know everything. Those two, over there. Both of them? And at the same time. Oh, married people are so delightfully easy to shock. We just pretend to be shocked because it encourages you. I know. ABC Jazz That is why you’re the only married couple in my party for the Artists’ Ball. No. Out of the question. She can go without me. Gerda without an escort? Why, it would be a scandal! Gerda loves a scandal. Look at the way she dresses. Flaunting her ankles. I don’t think anyone is likely to be corrupted by seeing my ankles. I was. It was the first time we met, I was leaving the Academy and she was sitting on the steps, flaunting said ankles. And she propositioned me. Is that true? When I said hello to him, he actually blushed. He was so shy, so I asked him out. And you said yes. Well, she made me. She seemed so sure. I was sure. I still am. Please, enough. No. What was it about him? I don’t know. But we went for coffee, and after, I kissed him. And it was the strangest thing. It was like kissing myself. These two won’t be staying much longer. Unmarried people are so delightfully easy to shock. Leave it. Were you really corrupted by my ankles? You were shameless. I still am. Beautiful, shameless Gerda. Wait. Did I wake you? Sorry. I couldn’t sleep. Why? Wondering about things. What things? Wondering if we made a baby last night. What do you think? Wondering when you got so pretty. I was always pretty. But you just never noticed. Hello? In here. These are good, Gerda. You think? Mmm. Well, thank you. I had a coffee with Ulla. Hmm. She asked me about the Artists’ Ball. I’m not going. Don’t worry. I told her no. You should go. You enjoy it. With you, I enjoy it. It’s good to be seen at those things. I do understand that. And that’s why you hate them. I feel as though I’m performing myself. Giving them your Einar Wegener. Mmmhmm. Why not give them something different? Go as someone else? Do you have someone in particular in mind? No. You’d be very convincing. That is outrageous. Oh, you might even enjoy it. No. You’ll have to shave closer next time. Mmm? Mmm. Close your eyes. This is hard on someone else. Well, let me try. What do you think? Better than I ever manage. Lili. I want to sketch you. Sit. Come on, Hvap. Come on, you. Lean to the side. Knee over. Head up. Oh. Look at those hands. Relax. Don’t make her a Online Radio! ABC Jazz It’s your fault. You excite her. My, Miss Lili. You are forward. You have no idea. Maybe bring out the hand. Morning. Morning, Thorbjorn. Good morning. Forward. Hello? I was wondering where you were. It’s getting late. We have plenty of time. I bought you these. Ah. Oh, they’re perfect. Are you sure about tonight? What is it? Am I pretty enough? Of course you are. I’ll never be as pretty as you. You are so beautiful. My darling! Ulla, let me introduce Online Radio It’s Lili. That’s right. Einar’s cousin from Vejle. My dear. You’re exquisite! In, let’s go in. Come on. You won’t leave me, will you? No, never. People are looking. Well, you’re a pretty girl. You’ll have to get used to it. It’s fine. You’re just feeling selfconscious. Gerda? Oh Online Radio Go and talk to them. I’ll stay with you. No, go, I’ll be fine. Please go before they come over. All right. Who’s that? ABC Jazz Are you a reporter? No. A poetess? Do you know the story of this oak tree? No. They say that if you eat its acorns, you can make a wish. And become anyone you want for a day. Why would they say that? Henrik Sandahl. At your disposal. Lili. Are you here with someone, Lili? Yes, my, uh Online Radio My cousin’s wife. Who’s your cousin? Einar Wegener. Painter. Yes, he’s rather a good one. He’s better than most people think. Is that right? Most people our age, at any rate. Don’t go back in there. It’s, um Online Radio It’s cooler out here. Besides, I’m a romantic. Really? I prefer the shadows. And I don’t mean to presume, but I’ve been watching you. And I think you might be the same. Come on. Have you seen Einar? I can’t find him. Of course you can’t. He isn’t here. Cheers. You’re different from most girls. ABC Jazz That’s not a very original line. It’s true. You’re oldfashioned. Provincial. I’m new to the city. No, it’s more than that. I feel I’d need to ask your permission before I kissed you. I should go and find Gerda. Why don’t you tell her I’ll walk you home? No, she wouldn’t like that. Lili Online Radio No, Einar Online Radio He might be waiting for us, and he wouldn’t like this. Wouldn’t he? No. Lili Online Radio Lili Online Radio Lili Online Radio You didn’t ask permission. I couldn’t risk you saying no. What’s the matter? I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I don’t know what happened. How are you? You were late home last night, so I thought I’d let you sleep. How was it? Did Lili have fun? I think it would be better if Lili didn’t come here again. ABC Jazz

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