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You’re gonna be all right. We just need to let a little air out of your chest. You’re gonna feel better right away. It’s okay. Leanne, transplant team just took Ariel’s father upstairs. Understood. Uh, we’re gonna put a tube into Basti’s chest to relieve the pressure. This is very routine. We can do it right here. She asked to talk to you. Me? Why? She connected with you. No, she didn’t. Uh, nurse. Angus, you’re gonna do the chest tube. Me? Yes. What are you doing? I’m looking for my diploma to make sure it’s really my name on it. I’m prepping a tray for you. You’re going to be making an incision. I need some more local. Leanne, I can take this case. Go and talk to her for a minute. Look, if you want me to be a social worker, You pick the patient who should die in the waiting room. She’s a patient, too, Leanne. Go and talk to her for a minute. Look around you, Doctor! We’er about to be in Code Black. I have eczema, itches like crazy. You don’t care, right? These people here, they don’t care about your problems either. All right, uh, Sebastian, I want you to slow your breathing down, okay? Can you do that? We’re going to help you. What’s that kid doing in here? Is he okay? Whose patient is this? Mine. Hey. Focus. Whoa! This kid has a head injury! I need a gurney. I’m out of gurneys. Guys, guys, can I get a wheelchair? Come on. A wheelchair or something. I got to pull somebody out of here. I.V. tubing. We are officially in code black. God help us. Yeah, exactly. That’s what we need… a neurosurgeon. Yeah, of course we’re gonna get a C.T. scan, Natalie, as soon as the room frees. No, I know it is, but I need a neurosurgeon down here right now. I think it’s an internal bleed, Natalie! We’re slammed up here! Hold on a second! Listen. I’m checking. It’s going to take a few minutes. Wait! Wait, Natalie! C.T. scan is ready. All right, great. Let’s move him. Jesse. Simple chest tube, right? Yeah, yeah. About to start the incision. Wait. Wait. You’re gonna move… You’re leaving? This patient needs an M.D., and we’re in code black.

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