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You and you… Follow me. Jesse, find something for Dr. Pineda. Why is she ignoring me? Because you’re the only one who went to school here. It’s their first day around her. You need to relax. I’m not here to relax. I want… I know. This is your big “I’m a doctor now” moment? Kinda, yeah. Good, good, ’cause I need a hero. In fact, I’m holding out for a hero till the end of the night. And she gotta be fast and she gotta be strong and she gotta be fresh from the fight 鈾 Don’t get shy now. I need a hero come on. Come on. Let’s go find you an attending to annoy. Someone who… Needs a hero! Looking for a hero. Leanne? Dr. Hudson. Say hello to Doctors Savetti and Lorenson. Neal Hudson. Congratulations on matching to Angels. You’re learning from the best. I didn’t mean what I said before. I don’t think those things about you. Yes, you do. Well, we just have different philosophies. We didn’t always, Leanne. What you got? -year-old male. Airbag malfunction. Nonresponsive, head injury, multiple lacs. Pulse , B.P. over . Ariel… multiple lacs to the face, head, and upper body, with glass embedded just about everywhere. She is highly agitated. Daddy! Daddy! Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa. No, no, no, no, no! Darling, please! Let go of me! No. Is he gonna die? No way. Do you want it straight or do you want doctor talk? I want it straight. What’s your name? Ariel. Ariel, I’m Dr. Rorish, and the truth is we don’t know why your father’s unconscious, and I can’t learn anything out here in the dark. So, with your permission, I want to take him inside, and I promise you I will tell you everything I know as soon as I know it. Okay? Okay. Okay. You. Don’t ever lie to a patient again. She may be young, but she’s entitled to the truth. One, two, three. And careful. All right. And great. Back down easy now. There we go. Pulse is thready. B.P. over . All right, I need central lines prepped for pressors, please. Norepinephrine? Yes, please. Somebody call X-ray, please. I’m on it. Thank you. What’s your evaluation, doctor? Uh, patient unconscious, low B.P., warm extremities

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