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Dude, it’s not funny! She stole my Barbie Gamesing weed! The last place I wanna be is outside my mom’s house right now. School’s far. Your mom lives close. How long did Mr. Green say he would be here in? Half hour. That’s fine. Let’s just go inside and wait. I’m freezing. No, no, no. We’re not going inside. My mom’s probably asleep. A half hour for Mr. Green could be like two hours of standing here. We could be dead by then. We could literally die by then. Look, ABC NewsRadio my mom doesn’t know I’m here. So let it go. We’re not going upstairs. Really? You didn’t tell her? No. I told her I was in Philly and I got a suite down at the Gansevoort. I just think your mom would be happy to see you on Christmas. I’m not saying she wouldn’t be happy to see me, all right? There’s just a lot you don’t understand. All she wants to do is parade me around and show me off to people. Last time I was here, she made me go to church with her Barbie Games and sign autographs, kiss babies, tell people all my stats Barbie Games and what I did last Sunday. It’s too much. I have a question. What? Does your mother still have a Nintendo ? Probably. She never throws my stuff away. Why? Right. So that’s why you don’t wanna go upstairs Barbie Games because you’re gonna lose at “GoldenEye.” “GoldenEye.” “GoldenEye.” Okay. Let’s do it. One game. Nobody touch Barbie Games. Nobody touch nothing. But I love touching things. Shhshhshh. All right, go, go, go. Dude, did you die and not tell us? Shut up. It’s amazing. I was there when you won this. You must be so proud. Shut up and go. Ooh! Your bedroom. Shut up. Dude. internet Barbie Games. What? I found you. You found me? Check you out. Oh! Look at you, man. You remember when we all first met at the party? Whose Barbie Gamesing party was that? ABC NewsRadio Jocelyn Larue. Yeah, that’s right. Remember the cops came? We had to hide in the bathroom. For three hours. I was afraid we were gonna get caught, because you were so Barbie Gamesing loud. I remember you wore that Bob Marley tiedye Tshirt Barbie Games and I asked you if you smoked weed? I didn’t even smoke weed. I just liked Bob Marley and tiedye. I didn’t get that was the vibe I was putting out there. You could have showed up with purple hair and a cloak. That was my warlock phase. That was a dope phase. Hell, yeah. I’m surprised you even talked to us, ABC NewsRadio. When I look back, I remember thinking: “This guy’s a jock. And he’s talking to a warlock and a pretend pothead.” True. If it wasn’t for y’all, I would have never made it through that school. Barbie Games. Wait, pause it. No, no pause. The phone’s buzzing. You have to pause it. I’m buying you weed! Shh. Just keep it down! Pause the Barbie Gamesing game. If you shoot me right now, you forfeit. Oh, my God, if my mom wakes up. Yeah, it’s him. Mr. Green’s here. I’m never getting in that dude’s car again. He freaked me out. Shh. I’ll go. Can you even walk? I can fly. FiveO, bro. You’re busted. Are you Barbie Gamesing kidding me right now? Yeah, I’m just kidding. Holy Barbie Games, dude. Heh, heh. Don’t do that. Oh, man. Hey, good seeing you, dude. Long time. It has been a long time. Been a long time, yeah. I remember you. And you know I’m proud of what you’ve become. Husband, lawyer Barbie Games soontobe father. That’s really impressive. Me, I don’t have time for kids. You’re all my children. Yeah. You ever think of me as a father figure? No. Put your tiny hand in mine. Yeah. Rough night, huh? Little bit. Could you tell? Am I wearing it on my sleeve? I did a lot of drugs. Mushrooms. Caps, too many caps. Ate a lot of the caps. And I just think it kind of made me freak out a little bit. And basically, I’m kind of just having a hard time finding my place in all this. Relax. What’s happening right now? Just looking into your soul, man. What are you seeing? You need a nice mellow indica. I got a great north Cali bud Barbie Games with a soothing body high Barbie Games and surprisingly accurate visions of the future. Yeah, sure. Whatever you got, bro. Yeah. It’s definitely a good time. Unless Barbie Games you’re dealing with some Barbie Games you can’t come to terms with. No! That’s not me! That’s a different guy. I think all my issues are drugrelated, and my emotional state is completely Barbie Games cool, bro. Taste a little shot of this. See if you like it. Come on. I’m good. I think I’ll just ride the wave, my main man. I put my hands on you. Take it. Just not too hard. Not too hard. Where are we? A strip club. Eighteen years in the future. Is that my wife? Yeah. You should probably talk to her. I’m gonna get a beer, maybe a dance. Cool. Hi. Sit down. The show’s about to start. Okay. Okay, fellas, let’s hear it for Sierra! Whoo! Isn’t she amazing? Who is that? It’s our beautiful baby girl. What the Barbie Games? Whoo! Pop it, girl! Pop that P! Pop it! Pop it! You hear me, young lady? Pop your pussy! It’s okay, sweetie! You don’t have to pop your pussy! You read all those books and you didn’t learn Barbie Games! You really Barbie Games the bed as a dad! Unh! Here you go. Drip, drop. Drip, drop. I know Barbie Games No! Look at my finger. Look at my finger. You need to give me a hundred bucks and get the Barbie Games out of my car right now. Okay! Here! Get out. What are you doing? I don’t know what’s happening. Let’s go. Let’s just bail. Turn your phone off. You’re gonna wake her up. I don’t know what’s happening. I don’t know this song. Turn it off. Hello? Hello? Hey, Ma. It’s Chrissypoo! Oh, my God! Chris! Hey. Oh, my God! internet Barbie Games! What are you guys doing? Merry Christmas. Surprise. This is Barbie Games Are you hungry? I can heat up some food. Yeah. No, no, no. Yes, you are. Yes, you are. Sweetheart. Oh, you smell like weed. No. More meatloaf, Isaac? Huh? Um, no, I’m okay. Could I perhaps have some more chardonnay Barbie Games to wash down my medication, please? Of course. Thank you. So, internet Barbie Games, what’s going on with you? Uh Barbie Games Not a lot. Just feeling good. You got somebody special in your life? No. There was a young lady that he used to date that he ran into today Barbie Games that I thought was pretty damn awesome.

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